Part-time Programmes and PGSSP

Professionals in the Hyderabad area are encouraged to enroll in the PG programmes on a part-time basis. They are recommended to initially join through our PG Student Status Programme (PGSSP).

PGSSP allows professionals to take individual courses of their interest without needing to enroll in a degree programme. This is suitable for professionals interested in acquiring new knowledge in chosen areas without regard to any degree. Students awarded the PGSSP status can take a maximum of two courses each semester. If they choose, based on their performance in the courses, professionals may be formally admitted into a part-time (or full-time) degree programme. The courses taken under the PGSSP scheme will then count towards the formal degree. In case the candidate is interested in part-time research programmes (MS or PhD), they should additionally meet relevant faculty members and discuss their research plans and/or do a project with them.

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Page last updated on November, 2018