Postgraduate Programmes

PhD Human Sciences

IIIT-H offers postgraduate programmes (PG programmes) in a range of specializations, in full-time and part-time formats. Many of the PG programmes are supported centres, and are aligned to the research centers’ major areas of interest and work. Please look at the respective research centers’ description for their areas of work.

 M Tech

The two-year M Tech programme, designed to help graduates and working professionals enhance their professional qualifications and career prospects, imparts advanced knowledge in one or more specialized areas, listed in the table above. In the first year, students acquire the background knowledge of the chosen field, and in the second year, students gets to study advanced courses and do projects on campus, or in industry.

M.Tech Computer Science Engineering (CSE)





M.Tech Computer Science & Information Security (CSIS)        

M.Tech Computer Aided Structural Engineering (CASE)                      

M.Tech Product Design and Management (PDM)            

M.Tech Bioinformatics (Admissions are suspended from 2020)

Master of Science

This is a research-oriented Masters’ programme, normally lasting two years and culminates in a thesis defense. Students can take advanced courses in the chosen area of specialization and devote a year or more towards research. Exceptionally well prepared students can directly start working on research thesis in the first year itself. In most cases, students receive financial support, and are encouraged to publish their work in conferences and journals.

Master of Science in Computer Science Engineering (CSE)

Master of Science in Computational Natural Sciences (CNS)

Master of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

Master of Science in Computational Linguistics (CL)

Master of Science in Civil Engineering (CE)

Master of Science in Bioinformatics

Master of Science in IT Building Science

M Phil (Computational Linguistics)

This programme provides students an understanding of natural language as viewed from computation. It prepares them to understand computational models and how natural language data can be prepared or analyzed while building systems. The programme is specially designed for linguists, language scholars, Sanskrit scholars and the likes. Students with a science or mathematics background and with a strong interest in the analytical or computational study of language too can pursue this program.

M.Phil Computational Linguistics (CL)


It is a research programme with emphasis on the dissertation work. To ensure the necessary depth and breadth in the area chosen for research, students are required to do course work and clear the qualifiers. Typically students plan their PhD study based on their background and in consultation with their program chair. Upon clearing the requirements and the acceptance of their research proposal, the student works on the thesis, and its successful defense leads to the degree.

PhD Computer Science Engineering (CSE)

PhD Computational Natural Sciences (CNS)

PhD Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

PhD Computational Linguistics (CL)

PhD Civil Engineering (CE)

PhD Bioinformatics

PhD IT in Power Systems - This programme is currently not being offered.

PhD Spatial Informatics

PhD Congnitive Science

PhD Exact Humanities - This programme is currently not being offered.

PhD IT in Building Science

PhD Human Sciences

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