The Campus

Our 66 acres campus, located on the main Gachibowli road (also called the Old Bombay highway) is well connected by bus and is on the route for the proposed metro rail. We are surrounded by many academic and research institutions like the Hyderabad Central University, Indian School of Business (ISB), TCS-CMC, Indian Immunologicals and Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Development Banking (JNIDB), and are minutes away from the bustling HiTech City Center and Lingampally, which are major shopping areas. Lingampally is also the nearest railway station.

Within-campus facilities include a bank extension counter, ATM machine, stationary shop, and laundry services. The campus has been developed quite a bit since the institute was started in 1998. 


The Institute has well-equipped, air-conditioned computer laboratories allocated batch-wise to the students. They contain the latest hardware and software. The average PC-to-student ratio is 1:2. All computers are part of an intranet (1Gbps Backbone), which connects all buildings, including the hostels round the clock. Researchers have 24 hours access to the computational facilities. The students administer their own computer systems. Research centers provide specialized, high-end equipment, as needed in research and development projects.

IIITH has established a high Performance Computing Facility to meet their research demands. Click here for more information


The Library has a large collection of Reference Books, Text Books, Technical reports, Standards, Literature books and CDROMS. The Library is being managed with fully integrated multi-user Library Management Software. Using this software, cataloguing and circulation services are being automated along with Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) facility.

Digital Library

A digital library is also maintained. It is an online archive of useful software, books and tutorials. Students can download any permitted software from this resource. There are many textbooks and reference books available in the digital format as well. Many lectures have also been recorded and are available online for students use. Most courses maintain an intranet site containing lecture slides and other course material.  More details at



IIITH is a residential institute and it is compulsory for all students to stay on-campus. First year and second year students who have enrolled in Bachelor's or dual-degree programs are required to share rooms (double occupancy) whereas, from the third year onward, students have single occupancy. An optical fiber network connects all campus buildings including the hostels. 

IIITH has five hostels - three for boys and two for girls.

Palash Nivas (Old Boys Hostel) for undergraduate students from second year onwards and first -year postgraduate students. The hostel is attached to the North and South Mess.

New Boys Hostel (NBH) for postgraduate seniors and research students pursuing Master of Science or Ph.D. The hostel is attached to Yuktahar mess and non-vegetarian Kadamba Mess.

Bakul Nivas for undergraduate first year students and second year postgraduate students.

Old Parijaat Nivas for third and fourth year women students.

New Parijaat Nivas (New Girls Hostel) for first, second and third year women students.   

The institute provides housing facilities for faculty and staff spread across 100 apartments on campus in C & D Block, as well as Anand and Budh Nivas. There’s also a guest house with four air-conditioned suites for visitors to campus.



The institute gives sufficient incentive for everyone to excel in any of the plethora of activities and skills available. Facilities are provided for cricket, volley ball, soccer, basket ball, table tennis, etc. We also have understanding with nearby stadiums for other sports facilities such as badminton, hockey, swimming, etc.

Dining Facilities

There are 3 vegetarian (North, South and Yuktahar) and 1 non-vegetarian mess (Kadamb) on campus. Students can choose to dine at any mess. Kadamb serves non-veg five times a week. Spacious and modern kitchens cater healthy and nutritious meals. There are also canteens that serve snacks and beverages throughout the day and late into the evening.



Gymnasium facilities are available in hostel with a physical trainer. Apart from the common gym which is open for all residents, a separate mini gym is also provided for girls in the girls hostel.


Campus has a yoga room with a trained yoga guru for students, faculty and staff. Yoga classes are held in the mornings as well as evenings.



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