IIITH is a unique institutional model with high academic vision outside of the government. Globally, Industry- Research connect is quite low. IIITH would like to bridge the gap as research to companies is extremely beneficial. Research can be used by companies of different sectors like Tech companies, Banks, PSUs, Start-ups, etc to build on the following areas:

  • Advisory – Research can help validate a company's solution approach or tech/product roadmap to a specific problem 
  • Co-innovationResearch helps to jointly create products/ solutions.  
  • Prototype development – Solutions and products can be developed using emerging research in domain specific areas
  • Subject matter expertise – Companies looking for complimentary subject matter expertise and domain specific subject matter can engage with research. 
  • SupportSupport/ Resources for Project Based Research can be provided by Research.  



Research can add value across different stages of a problem statement from identifying the problem to the prototype being developed and the final product/ solution. The following image explains in details the value research provides through the stages.


IITH is organised as a set of research centres and laboratories instead of schools and departments. Each research centre focusses on a broad problem area and brings together experts from varied backgrounds to conduct research and development on specific aspects in a problem area, constantly pushing the boundaries of research to the next level. The research centres and laboratories at IIITH are either focussed on creation and development of new technologies or application of technologies to unusual domains in innovative ways.

More detailed information on the research centres and laboratories of IIITH and their areas of work can be found at

Some of the models companies can engage with IIIT are as follows:



  • Discover the institute and its research areasthrough our annualR&D showcase
  • Tech leadership workshops will be conducted for the mid/senior leaders to generate idea


  • ADVISORY/ CONSULTING - Consultant, as a member of faculty of IIITH advices company on a specific project. Overall guidance will be given on a special technology-based project. Faculty will spend typically 4 hours a week to share expertise in the domain (emerging technologies) with the company.
  • INDUSTRY RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS - Senior tech leaders/architects will be attached to a lab and help them in understanding latest domain knowledge. Also, executive education can be customized to the needs of the company through this model of engagement. The members get to work on a non- IP project alongside a research student.
  • INDUSTRY AFFILIATE PROGRAM – The objective is to have a structured light-weight engagement to connect with research, expose senior tech members to latest trends and explore possibilities for deeper engagement. It is a yearlong program where knowledge is shared and multiple projects of possible interest are explored. Monthly meetings with faculty will be arranged to discuss areas of emerging technology. Through this program, we host collaborative events and company can sponsor employees for part-time MS/PhD through PGSSP 


  • COMMISSIONED RESEARCH – IIITH conducts research on a well-defined problem with ample data sets and information provided by the company. It is typically a 6-12 month project where the professor and research students take up the project. At the completion of every milestone, discussions will be held with the company. Company only reviews and shares any needed data. The IPR for such projects is flexible.
  • CO-INNOVATION – The objective of this model is that the Company and research team together build an emerging technology product/prototype, where domain knowledge and company internal knowledge are key to building the solutionCompany brings domain and problem knowledge, while IIITH brings in research insights and approaches. Company's team builds the actual solution. Research team will help with knowledge, techniques, approach and POC of sub systems as needed. IP projects, where all IP is generated belongs to the company. 
  • COMMISSIONED PRODUCT – The objective is to curate and bring relevant products/ solutions to the said problem statement. Problem will be shared by the company. IIITH will conduct necessary research and the product will be built in our product labs. It is an independent effort from the professor. The duration depends on the scope of the problem and the IP will remain with the company.


  • OPEN INNOVATION – The model targets innovation from start-ups backed by research for company defined problem areas. Few start-ups with relevant products that can meet company's needs are picked. Access to product labs and constant technology support will be given from IIITH's side.  This enables in bringing deep tech into projects. 
  • COMPANY'S DOMAIN COE – The objective of Centre of Excellence is to have longer and deeper engagement around one domain by developing new technologies. COE enables a company to build emerging tech-based solutions, nurturing a research team to focus on their domain in the long term. Multiple projects can be taken up for multiple years where in a professor from IIITH would be there for the research part and someone from thcompany's side would share domain specific expertise. 


Page last updated on March, 2021