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Modes of Undergraduate Admissions

Submission of application deadline has been extended till 15th March 26th March 28th March 2018

Undergraduate Engineering Entrance Examination (UGEE)* [More information] [Portal Closed]




* Extended to ALL dual degree Programmes (ECD, CSD, CND, CLD) from this year





UGEE Poster

Special Channel of Admission (SPEC)* [More Information] [Portal Closed]







* Introduced from this year for 4-year Programmes (ECE,  CSE)





SPEC Poster

Olympiad [More information] [Portal Closed]




For Dual-degree Programmes (CSD, CND, CLD)





Lateral Entry Entrance Exam (LEEE)  [More information] [Portal Closed]






For Dual-degree Programmes- ECD, CSD





LEEE Poster

 [video about ECD]       [video about CLD]     [video about CND]


 [Video about Institute]

Last date for submission of online application is 5 PM IST on April 25, 2018

Direct Admissions for Students Abroad (DASA) [More information] [Portal Closed]

For 4-year and 5-year programmes only


Last date for submission of online application is May 31, 2018  5 PM IST on May 25, 2018

JEE (Main) Score [More information] [Portal Closed]

For 4 year programmes (ECE and CSE) only


Fee Structure for 2018-4Yr (JEE,SPEC Modes)              

Fee Structure for 2018-DD (UGEE,Olympiad, Later Entry Modes)

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UG Admissions 
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Hyderabad - 500 032
Phone: +91 (40) 6653 1250
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Email: ugadmissions@iiit.ac.in 

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