Post Graduate Student Status Programme (PGSSP)

Working professionals who are employed at Hyderabad and have a desire to pursue higher studies on a part-time basis can also apply to the Post Graduate Student Status Programme (PGSSP). Admissions are open in Monsoon and Spring semesters every year.

The post-graduate status can be accorded to a professional on the basis of his/her academic and experience record. Once someone is awarded the PG status, he/she can take a maximum of two courses at the institute every semester. This provides him/her with the opportunity to acquire new knowledge in chosen areas without committing to a formal programme. The courses taken under the PGSSP scheme can count towards a formal degree from the institute, should the student join one of the full-time or part-time programmes subsequently.


The basic eligibility for applying to this programme is that he / she should be a resident of Hyderabad and produce No Objection Certificate (NOC TEMPLATE) from employer to attend the classes in the office hours. The candidate has to attend the classes within week days (Mon - Sat ). The classes for the courses selected will be conducted twice or thrice a week. Attendance for the classes is mandatory. The candidates should take minimum of one subject and maximum of two subjects in a semester.

Admission to the PGSSP is based on the academic and professional record of the applicants who has either of following degrees:- a Bachelors or Master's degree in Engineering (B.E. or B.Tech.), Master’s in Computer Applications (MCA), or a Master’s degree in Science/Mathematics (M.Sc.).

Available Courses

 PGSSP students may register for any course in the institute as long as they meet the course prerequisites. However only PG level or UG Senior level courses would be counted towards a formal degree in case they get admission. The recommended way is to contact the course instructor at the time of registration or before, to know the expectations and workload of the course involved. 

Click the below links for course offerings and time table for Monsoon 2020.

Course Offerings for Monsoon 2020

Consolidated Time Table - Monsoon 2020

Important Dates

  • 11th July 2020: Start date for online registration

  • 26th July 2020: Last date for online registration

  • 28th July 2020: Intimation to shortlisted candidates

  • 31st July 2020: Online reporting portal opened for shortlisted candidates

  • Course registration process will be announced after the selection

Note: Classes will be online for this semester

Admission Procedure

To apply for PGSSP admissions, you must use the following portal click here. All notifications regarding the selection, interview etc will be sent over email only.

Application Fees

An application fee of Rs. 1000/- is to be paid at the time of on-line registration through online payment gateway on or before 26th July 2020 by 5.00 PM.

Note: Application fee is Non - Refundable

Fee Structure

PGSSP students should pay the student status fees, of Rs 28,000/- to maintain the Post-Graduate Status in each semester. Each course the student registers for, will be charged as per the pro-rata rates of the institute. The current pro-rata tuition fee is Rs. 7,000/- per credit with a maximum of Rs 28,000/- per course. PGSSP students will have access to the institute's library and other academic resources as long as he/ she is registered for at least one course.

The following fee has to be remitted on registration day..

The total fee (if opted for two courses):Rs.94,000/-
The total fee(if opted for one course): Rs. 66,000/-

Following is the breakup for the tuition fee (per semester) Monsoon 2020:

Tuition fee: Rs 28,000/- Course fee per subject + Rs.28,000/- (Student Status Fee) per semester

Caution Deposit: 10,000/- (refundable)

Documents to be submitted at the time of registration (for Selected Candidates)

  1. No-objection Certificate from your employer (Mandatory)


The students has to attend the Classes regularly, depends on the course for which the student opt at the time of course registration.


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