The Institute has grown a lot in 17 years and has earned recognition and respect in the industry, academic and other public arenas. A key contributor to this recognition is each and every one of you who are our key ambassadors to the rest of the world. Our goal is to scale up from a 1,500 student university today to a 4,000 student university in ten years. This means not just more students, but also research across more domains and hence more impact. This requires a delicate balance between quality and affordability of education which can be achieved largely through philanthropic gestures from multiple sources, of which alumni can play a key role.

The alumni fund was set up in 2006 as a modality for alumni to have a direct hand in helping the Institute grow. The fund has been used to provide tutition support for meritorious students in financial need.

As an alumni, you can choose to contribute in the following categories:

  • Infrastructure - Strong infrastructure (classrooms, labs, hostels, sports facilities, etc) is the hallmark of any good institution which is why it forms an important parameter used in all popular rankings of educational institutions.
  • Tuition support – This is intended to provide access to meritorious students to an education in IIIT-H despite having inadequate financial resources. Donors will be able to name a scholarship if the donation is sufficient to support the complete studies of a student. 
  • Institute corpus - This is a perpetual endowment to the institute. The donation to this category will be used to invest and only the interest earned will be used for top priorities of the institute. This ensures that the institute benefits from the donation on a recurring basis, rather than a one-time benefit. Endowments are an effective way to invest in better research, better education and better people without cascading the costs to students.

Batchwise contributions can also be made to name different spaces in the Institute. 

For payment options and to give back, click this link.

Note: All contributions within India are tax deductible under section 80G and receipts will be sent to the mailing address given by you at the time of contribution.

Thank you for your support of IIIT-H!

Page last updated on May, 2021