SIEL Ranked #1 at CLEF-IP 2011, an International Contest in Cross Language Patent Retrieval

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February 2012

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This is an achievement nearly five months old, but SIEL has shared the news about it internally only recently.

IIIT-H's Search and Information Extraction Lab (SIEL) was ranked No.1 at CLEF-IP 2011. The international competition, conducted annually by the Cross Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF), involves retrieving digitally stored patents in other languages that are similar to a given patent. Technically, such tasks are termed Cross Language Patent Retrieval.

CLEF is a well known European organization focused on investigating and evaluating information retrieval (IR) techniques.


Manisha Verma, an MS by Research student at SIEL, was the main contributor to winning the contest, under the guidance of Prof. Vasudeva Varma, the head of SIEL.

About SIEL
Search and Information Extraction Lab (SIEL) focuses on solving research problems in the areas of Information Retrieval (IR), Extraction (IE) and Access (IA). As part of the Language Technologies Research Center (LTRC) at IIIT-H, SIEL is currently working on the following broad application areas: Cross Language Information Access (CLIA), Cloud Computing, Computational Advertising, Enterprise Search, IE & NER, Personalization, Question and Answering, Rich Media Search, and Summarization.

Below is a selection of SIEL's past achievements:

World No.1 in Knowledge Based Population Track (TAC). Check

World No.1 in Squishy Question Answering Task (TAC). Check

World No.1 in Query Focused Multi-Document Summarization Tasks (DUC). Check

World No. 1 in Query Focused Multi-Document Summarization Tasks (DUC). Check

Contact: For more details of the achievement at CLEF-IP 2011 or SIEL's leading edge research, contact Prof. Vasudeva Varma at

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