IIIT-H Staffer's Father Remembered for Inspirational Indian Pledge

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IIIT-H Staffer's Father Remembered for Inspirational Indian Pledge
September 21, 2012
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At IIIT-H, we are all privileged to be a colleague of Mr. PVS Rambabu, Assistant Manager in Director's Office.
50 years ago, Mr. Rambabu's father late Sri. Pydimarri Venkata Subba Rao authored a short 8-line pledge in Telugu using very commonly used words and simple sentences. The pledge was meant to inculcate among Indians love for the country, brotherhood toward fellow country people, a sense of service, respect for parents, teachers and elders, self discipline, and such other virtues.
The then government of Andhra Pradesh made it compulsory for the pledge to read out by all school children in the morning assemblies. Later it was translated into seven Indian languages and mandated to be recited at all schools in the country. Today, it is a national pledge read out every day in all government and private schools in India.
On its 50th anniversary, an NGO in Viskhapatnam has started a campaign to hold year long events to celebrate and promote the motivational pledge.
Check the Wiki link to the pledge.
Links for recent media coverage about the pledge:
About Rambabu
Rambabu started his career at IIIT-H as an Administrative Assistant in October 1999. In 2002, he was appointed Personal Assistant (PA) to the Director of IIIT-H. Five years later, he was promoted to be Assistant Manager.
Rambabu's current job responsibilities cover three distinct areas of work: Director's Office, LTRC projects, and general administration at LTRC.
Rambabu holds a BCom (1992) and an LLB (1996) and is currently pursuing an MBA (part-time).
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