Asian Education Leadership Award to Mr. Jayadev

Asian Education Leadership Award for Ex-Placement Head Mr. Jayadev
September 14, 2012
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Mr. Jayadev GAG, who is currently the head of IIIT-H's Brand Building and Fundraising initiatives, was selected for Education Leadership Award at the Asian Leadership Awards going to be held in Dubai, UAE. The award will be conferred on September 25, 2012.
The international award is in acknowledgement of Mr. Jayadev's work in brand building and business development in an earlier stint as the institute's head of career services for graduated batches 2007 to 2011.
In the first five years of his ongoing six-plus-years stint at IIIT-H, as head of brand building and campus placement, Jayadev worked with colleagues and students to provide leadership and vision in designing and implementing a range of innovative and transformative policy, process, and marketing initiatives and helped propel the now 13-year-old institute to one of the top 1 to 5 places nationally, on campus recruitment, ahead of the famed IITs, for five years in a row, since 2007.
In 2006, within six months of joining IIIT-H, then just seven-years-old and a little known or under recognized brand in industry, Jayadev helped the institute accomplish such performance on placement that its placement was assessed top 5 in India, ahead of three IITs, by Dataquest.
All of this single-handed, without a team of executives or secretarial assistance, without prior contacts or support of third party placement agencies, completely through on-campus placement drives, spending only 90% of an already 20% shrunken budget, and, most importantly, without traveling either locally or outstation, even once, to make the customary presentations to potential recruiters. Within six months of taking up the placement role, Mr. Jayadev helped IIIT-H achieve a turnaround and turned a recruiter led campus placement scenario into a 100% institute directed program.
By achieving consistently superior performance on placement, Mr. Jayadev has helped IIIT-H obtain top 5 to 10 ranks, in the overall category, for five years serially. Below are two more recent honors extended to Jayadev for work in placement and branding.
  • Best Placement and Brand Marketing Officer Global Award
World Education Congress, June 2012; check
  • Best Placement and Brand Marketing Officer National Award
Bloomberg UTV - Business School Affaire, Feb 2012; check

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