Exploring genderscapes in higher education

Special Lecture Series (GSC) Talk


'Exploring genderscapes in higher education'


Dr Kalpana Kannabiran

Date and time: Thursday, November 3, 2016 at 5:00pm.
Venue: Himalaya 105

Through this session, I hope to trigger a sustained dialogue on gender lines, cross overs, intersectionality and social justice among young adults -- with the hope that the utopian visions of justice for all grows to form the commonsense of an entire generation. This conversation will be a mutually informative exercise, as it is also my deep desire to understand why young people think the way they do; how young men think; how young women think; and how social location interrupts perceptions of justice (if it does, that is) -- gender sits at the core of any idea of justice. And of course, gender is a continuum with the male and the female at the two ends. So we are not speaking or thinking of women alone.

About the Speaker:
Kalpana Kannabiran is Professor of Sociology and Director, Council for Social Development. She holds a PhD in Sociology and a Masters in Law and was part of the founding faculty of NALSAR University of Law where she taught for a decade. She is recipient of the Amartya Sen Award for Distinguished Social Sciences (2012) for her work in the field of law. Dr. Kannabiran has published widely in the fields of law and sociology.

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