Energy Simulation of Buildings for LEED and ECBC -2009

Tue, 07/07/2009 - 11:28 admin

Introduction of LEED-India and launch of Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) are the two major milestones in constructing green and energy efficient India through the building sector. Since LEED-India has a major focus on energy efficiency in buildings, one of the major challenges in front of designers trying to obtain LEED rating is to ensure the level of energy efficiency. The ECBC is voluntary at this stage but is likely to be mandatory for commercial buildings in near future. Both of these systems demand the upcoming buildings to be more efficient as compared to standard buildings of same shape and usage. Comparison of proposed designs with base case / standard case can be carried out by use of energy simulation tools. Building energy simulation tools provide facility to embed energy efficiency in buildings by predicting their behavior under given climatic conditions and usage patterns. These tools help to predict energy consumption in buildings and provide opportunity to compare different design options through techno-economic analysis. Decisions related to use of insulation on roof, advanced glazing, high performance HVAC system can be taken with much elevated confidence level.

This four day workshop is, therefore, a unique opportunity of its kind to learn how to perform energy simulation of buildings for LEED and ECBC through hands-on training on simulation tools and case studies. Besides sailing through the process of building energy simulation up to report preparation stage, the workshop would also cover fundamental concepts required to utilize these simulation tools in the best possible ways. This course addresses the skills and knowledge requirements for carrying out energy simulations for LEED and ECBC. Some common question such as how much detailing is required for energy modeling; what are the impacts of lighting, internal loads, occupancy schedules; how to analyze simulation results and propose energy conservation measure (ECMs), how to rank ECMs on life cycle cost basis; would be answered through interactive exercises.

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