PGSSP Fee Structure

Fee Structure

PGSSP students should pay the student status fees, of Rs 33,000/- to maintain the Post-Graduate Status in each semester. Each course the student registers for, will be charged as per the pro-rata rates of the institute. The current pro-rata tuition fee is Rs. 8,250/- per credit with a maximum of Rs 33,000/- per course. PGSSP students will have access to the institute's library and other academic resources as long as he/ she is registered for at least one course.

The following fee has to be remitted on registration day..

The total fee (if opted for two courses):Rs. 1,09,000/-
The total fee(if opted for one course): Rs. 76,000/-

Following is the breakup for the tuition fee (per semester) Monsoon 2022:

Tuition fee: Rs 33,000/- Course fee per subject + Rs.33,000/- (Student Status Fee) per semester

Caution Deposit: 10,000/- (refundable)

Page last updated on March, 2022