PEOs, POs and PSOs

 Master of Science in Bioinformatics by Research

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):

PEO-1: Demonstrate competency and creativity in some subareas of computer science so as to develop solutions and software systems for applications in Bioinformatics

PEO-2: Demonstrate requisite breadth and depth of knowledge in some subareas of Bioinformatics so as to excel in research and academic environments in these sub-areas

PEO-3: Exhibit communication skills and collaborative skills required to plan, participate effectively in multi-disciplinary teams. 

PEO-4: Develop an aptitude for self-learning and life-long learning so as to keep abreast with rapid change in sciences and computing technology

PEO-5: Practice ethics and human values in their profession


Program Outcomes (POs): 

PO-1: Scientific Knowledge: Understand, train in and use concepts in varied disciplines including Biological Sciences, Computer Sciences and Data Analysis to define and analyse biological problems.

PO-2: Problem Analysis: Identify, formulate and analyse problems from life sciences using bioinformatics approaches.

PO-3: Conduct investigations of complex problems: interpolate and extrapolate based on existing knowledge base and self-learning skills to investigate the dynamics of complex problems and find solutions. 

PO-4: Modern Tool usage: Demonstrate requisite hands-on sills to work with variety of software packages, libraries, programming languages, and biological databases useful for solving problems from life sciences.

PO-5: Ethics: Practice principles of professional ethics and make informed decisions after a due impact analysis

PO-6: Individual and teamwork: Work efficiently in individual and team-oriented projects of varying size, cultural milieu, professional accomplishments, and technological backgrounds

PO-7: Communication: Effectively communicate and exchange ideas and solutions to any individual including peers, end-users and stakeholders

PO-8: Project management and Finance: Apply principles of project management in general and scientific project management 

PO-9: Life-long learning: Exhibit the aptitude for independent, continuous and life-long learning required to meet their professional career goals.


Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs) :

PSO-1: Exhibit broad general knowledge sub-areas of Bioinformatics such as biological data analysis, bioinformatics, modelling and simulation, next-generation sequence data analysis 

PSO-2: Demonstrate research skills to identify and carry out tasks in the area of Bioinformatics and participate in work at the frontier of scientific research in this inter-disciplinary field.

PSO-3: Demonstrate knowledge and skills of required depth in at least one area of Bioinformatics to excel in post-graduate research


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