IIIT Hyderabad announces its School Outreach Program, a summer series of non-residential certification courses for students from classes 5th to 10th. This initiative is to equip young minds with fundamental computer and Computational Thinking skills that are increasingly pertinent in today's world.

With Information & Communication Technologies growing pervasive across industries, geographies and functions, it is imperative that fundamental Computational Thinking and Problem Solving skills become a part of the early education curriculum. The School Technology Education Program is the institute's first step in this direction.

Whether the student has already chosen a career in Information & Communication Technologies, or wants to augment the current understanding of Computational Thinking and Problem Solving skills, or is just curious to discover the inner workings of connected devices, these courses offer a well-rounded first look.


For Middle School Students

An introductory course to computer Computational Thinking and its application, developed based on the acclaimed curriculum of code.org for K-8 students.

For High School Students

An exploratory course that touches upon various aspects of computer Computational Thinking and problem solving.

  1. Computational Thinking & Applications - I (CTA I) [for Middle School Students - Classes 5th & 6th]
    Classes start from May 4th, 2015 - May 29th, 2015
  2. Computational Thinking & Applications - II (CTA II) [for Middle School Students - Classes 7th & 8th]
    Classes start from May 11th, 2015 - June 5th, 2015
  3. Computational Thinking & Problem Solving (CTPS) [for High School Students - Classes 9th & 10th]
    Classes start from May 18th, 2015 - June 10th, 2015

Selection Process: Students will be short-listed through a selection process, with a limited number of seats/batch.
Last date for Application: April 23rd, 2016
Last date for Registration & Payment of Course Fees: April 30th, 2015 (on being selected)
Applications will be processed in the order of application

Documents required at the time of Registration:
- 3 Passport-sized Photos
- Progress report for the academic year 2014-15 (copy)
- Address Proof (copy)
- ID Proof (copy)
- Birth Certificate (copy)

Tips for students:
» Read the course descriptions: When reading about a course, note any prerequisites or required proficiency. Prerequisites are listed to help you determine if you have the appropriate background and preparation. Keep in mind that English proficiency is required for all courses.
» Review Course Content: Faculty create course content throughout the program and we add links to syllabi and website in course descriptions once they become available. If you do not see a link to a syllabus or course website, check the description again at a later date. Note that some courses do not provide syllabi online.
» Preview the recommended books: You can find the recommended books for the course by visiting course syllabi. If the course has a syllabus or website, you can purchase the books directly to help you better understand the course content. We may also provide limited course content depending on the nature of the program.
» E-mail the Program Manager: If you have questions about course content, level, or prerequisites, e-mail to step@iiit.ac.in.
» School student’s eligibility: Apply to the Student Technology Education Program (STEP) per the age/class eligibility criteria. Please note no exceptions will be made.
» Applying for a course: Apply for a course in which you’ve an interest and/or will add value to your current school program(s).


» The programs are introductory sessions only and are meant to familiarize the student with the related topic(s).
» A student can apply for a STEP per their interest and relevance in the academic year 2014-2015. Final selection to any one program will be per our internal selection process only.
» Application to a Program does not guarantee a confirmed registration for the program.
» This is a certificate program, which will be awarded to the students on successful completion of the program only.
» Admission will be subject to seat availability and eligibility of the candidate only.
» Offline and Online Tests may also be conducted before, during and at the end of the training to gauge a student’s level of knowledge.
» The training will consist of both theoretical and practice sessions. Course material/reference books will be given as needed and applicable for the specified program only.
» 100% attendance on all training days is mandatory. For any exceptions, the Program Manager should be informed in advance.
» Students should carry their own snacks/meals, water bottles, medicines, etc., which they may need during the training day(s).
» The institute is responsible for the actual training session(s) only. The students/their family are responsible for the security, transportation and behaviour of the child on/off campus. They are also responsible for the safe-keeping of their belongings on the campus. No laptops are required to be brought to the campus and the institute is not responsible for the loss of any gadget of a student.
» The entire program will be conducted in English medium only.
» There will be no concession or refund of the course fee, without exceptions.
» A student may be moved to a different batch/ age-group slot depending on the aptitude of the student and/or any internal adjustments as required from time to time.


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