People have been the foundation of Institute’s success

At IIIT-H, we provide a diverse, inclusive, fair and transparent work environment facilitating all stakeholders to grow and flourish. We realize that each individual is distinct and unique. Every effort is made in recognizing and respecting individual differences, ensuring that Institute derives maximum benefit through diverse ideas and expertise. Our focus has been to recruit and retain the best and provide an ambience for them to excel.

Key Focus

The mission and goals of the institute are greatly influenced by the desire to use IT to benefit society at large. Our mission is to contribute to the transformation of industry and the community by delivering research-led education, promoting innovation and fostering human values. Our primary goals are:

  • Impart education that is comparable in breadth and depth to the best in the world; which at the same time nurtures among students,an aptitude for research and development, starting right with the undergraduate level.
  • Target solutions for societally-relevant problems that can be transferred to scalable technologies and enterprises.

What has allowed this fusion of academics and research is the presence of exceptional faculty at IIIT-H. We have been successful in attracting some of the brightest and most dedicated faculty from all over the globe.