Software Developers @ Biometrics and Secure Identity Lab, IIIT Hyderabad

Biometrics and Secure Identity Lab at IIIT Hyderabad, engages in research and development with multiple projects in the field of Biometrics and Machine Learning. In pursuance of the same, the lab announces recruitment of “two (2) Software developers” to work along with the researchers in the lab, to provide scalable and deployable solutions based on algorithms from the research done in the lab.

This is not a call for applications to be researchers.

The requirements of the opening is provided in Appendix I.

The process, application and selection is provided in Appendix II.

Note : Only short-listed candidates from the applicants will be contacted for a test and interview.

Freshers welcome to apply.

Appendix I

I. Position : Software Developer

A suitable candidate for this position should preferably:

1. Have 0-2 years of experience in the industry/academic, as the case may be, working on development using C/C++, Java, python.

2. Experience in structured development of solutions and testing, specifically relating to

  1. Distributed/Networked systems,
  2. Database systems,
  3. Dashboard creation and management,
  4. Web-interfaces, and
  5. end-to-end systems

3. Must be able to communicate and understand project requirements and deliverables.

4. A team player yet an individual developer of own might.

Compensation will be consolidated pay and based on the suitability of the candidate.

Appendix II

Process of application:

Step 1: Interested candidates must apply by sending their updated CV along with a short 100-word description of why they choose to apply for the position.

The CV and the description must be mailed to the email address: By, date: 20th October,2021.

The CV must necessarily contain personal details of name, age, residence, contact details (Mobile and email) along with full details of education from class 10 upto latest education, including certifications, and the details of all job/professional experiences with brief 1-2 line details on the same.

Step 2: Suitable candidates shortlisted (1st list) for the purpose will be intimated via mail by 10th November,2021.

If a candidate is not in receipt of such a mail, it shall be presumed that such candidature is not shortlisted in the 1st list.

Step 3: Candidates first go through an interview, either on IIITH campus or virtual at the discretion of BaSIL, and based upon candidature. Such interviews are expected to be held between 15th November-20th November,2021.

Step 4: Candidates shall be intimated, incase they are deemed suitable, to finish a technical assignment within a fixed period of time.

Step 5: Final intimation of selection.

Incase suitable candidates are not found through list 1, list 2 may be drawn for the purpose and such candidates shall go through the process under step3-5 as described above.

Applied research & software development engineer