Key Focus

The mission and goals of the institute are greatly influenced by the desire to use IT to benefit society at large. Our mission is to contribute to the transformation of industry and the community by delivering research-led education, promoting innovation and fostering human values. Our primary goals are:

  • Impart education that is comparable in breadth and depth to the best in the world; which at the same time nurtures among students,an aptitude for research and development, starting right with the undergraduate level.
  • Target solutions for societally-relevant problems that can be transferred to scalable technologies and enterprises.

What has allowed this fusion of academics and research is the presence of exceptional faculty at IIIT-H. We have been successful in attracting some of the brightest and most dedicated faculty from all over the globe.

IIIT-H Operational Model

  • Catalyzed in 1998 by AP Government with the support of NASSCOM and industry
  • Land and buildings provided by Government
  • All expenses are borne by the Institute from day one
  • Deemed University from 2001: Model for academic dynamism
  • Model similar to Caltech, CMU, MIT, Stanford, Cornell, etc.
  • Foundation for the 20 IIITs under the PPP model by MHRD, State Governments, and Industry Partners
  • An enlightened Governing Council is the highest institutional authority
  • Not government. Not private. A public institution!

Research Drive

IIIT-H is a non-governmental research university that blends social orientation and nimble dynamism to create long-term value.. The Institute is unique in terms of integrating research with its academic programmes. Few key examples are:

Research Centers and not Departments

The Institute is structured around research centers instead of conventional departments. The research centers are based around major domain areas; hence making them interdisciplinary by their very nature. They work on specific areas of Agriculture; Artificial Intelligence; Computational Natural Science & Bioinformatics; Cognitive Science; Data Science Analytics; Earthquake Engineering; Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Language Technologies; Machine Learning; Robotics; Security, Theory & Algorithms; Signal Processing & Communications; Software Engineering; Spatial Informatics; Visual Information Technology; VLSI & Embedded Systems Technology.

Undergraduate Research

The Institute has an innovative curriculum allowing students the flexibility to select courses and undertake research projects. They participate in ongoing research or technology developments, even at the undergraduate level, an opportunity unprecedented in India. Our B.Tech. (Honours) programme allows UG students to pursue long-term projects and carry out research. Several research papers co-authored by our undergraduate students have been published at reputed international conferences.

Innovation and Incubation

Promoting entrepreneurship and incubation of companies has been one of our key focus areas. The institute draws on research conducted in-house and undertakes development-oriented projects. We encourage student entrepreneurs to form companies and incubate them. So far, the Institute has produced 92 student entrepreneurs.

Key Research Highlights

  • Our UG students, known to be troubleshooters, hold prominent positions in academia, product companies and startups -
    • Faculty at Oxford, ISB, IIT-D, IIT-V, IIT-J, IIT-T, IIIT-H, IIIT-G, etc.
    • 250 of them work in Microsoft, Google, Amazon
    • Masters and Ph. D. from major universities – CMU, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, INRIA, Edinburgh, UIUC, UMD, GaTech, etc
  • Large diaspora powering research worldwide in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, NLP, Robotics, etc.
  • In 2018, the team of faculty, research students, research staff and UG students published 325 papers in top conferences and journals.
  • 25 of our PhD students have external competitive fellowships from TCS, Google, Intel, Visvesvaraya, and several more from CSIR, UGC and other sources.
  • Around 45 of our students including several undergraduate students travelled to international conferences to present their papers and participate in academic discussions.
  • Based on CS Rankings.Org, IIIT-H has been ranked amongst Top 6 within India; Top 25 within Asia and Top 146 across the globe for all of computer science publications in the topmost conferences for the period 2008-18.
  • As per CS Rankings.Org, IIIT-H has been ranked No. 1 within India; Top 18 within Asia and Top 98 across globe in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics publications.
  • Industry Collaboration: Multiple research engagements -
    • Projects, Co-Innovation, Co-Creation, Innovation, etc.
    • Startups: Root-node and other options
    • PGSSP: Opportunity to pursue M.Tech and MS by Research at IIITH without admissions
    • Short courses, Executive Education
  • The Institute has produced 92 incubatees.

Academic Excellence

IIITH has high quality B. Tech, Masters and Ph. D programmes in Computer Science and Electronics and Communications Engineering. We have a strong research relationship with industry leaders and top-notch technology universities worldwide.

The belief that IT adds value when it interacts with other disciplines have led to the design of several academic programmes with other disciplines: Bioinformatics, Building Science, Civil Engineering, Cognitive Science, Computational Natural Sciences, Computational Linguistics, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Exact Humanities, and Spatial Informatics.

To enrich the educational experience of students, the Institute has dedicated faculty in Humanities, Social Science, Fine Arts and Management.

So far, 807 students have completed MS by Research and the Institute has produced 150 Ph.Ds. The faculty student ratio for MS by Research and Ph.D programme is 1:10.

Few Key Academic Highlights
  • India’s largest academic incubator with 250+ startups, 10,000 entrepreneurs, 1400+ employment generation and 20 research labs engagement.
  • A guiding model and potent force behind several state and national institutions.
  • Nine out of every 10 IIIT-H alumni work on ICT research, product architecture design or development at top notch IT companies worldwide.
  • Students are top ranked globally at the Sphere Online Judge (SPOJ), a popular programming site with over 7 lakhs users from 120 countries
  • IIIT-H students are five out of top 20 winners at CodeChef’s national level monthly programming contests
  • 100% placements with top notch IT companies worldwide.

Fact Book (2019)

  • Communications
  • Computer Systems
  • Data Sciences & Analytics
  • HCI
  • Hardware
  • IoT
  • Language Technologies
  • Machine Learning
  • Robotics
  • Security, Theory & Algorithms
  • Software Engineering
  • Visual Information Processing
  • VLSI & Embedded Systems
  • Agriculture & Rural
  • Development
  • Building Sciences
  • Cognitive Science
  • Computational Natural
  • Sciences
  • Education
  • Exact Humanities
  • Heritage Preservation
  • Spatial Informatics
  • Strategic Sector
  • Security & Privacy



The Institute is fully residential spread across a 66 acre campus, located on the main Gachibowli road (also called the Old Bombay highway). It is well connected by public transport and is on the proposed metro rail route. Within campus, facilities include bank extension counter, ATM machine, stationery shop, laundry services, etc.


The Institute has facilities for cricket, volleyball, soccer, basketball, table tennis, etc. We also have tie-ups with nearby stadiums for other sports facilities like badminton, hockey, swimming, etc.


The Institute has well-equipped, air-conditioned computer laboratories with latest hardware and software. The average PC-to-student ratio is 1:2. All computers are part of an intranet (1Gbps backbone), which connects all buildings, including the hostels round the clock. Researchers have 24-hour access to the computational facilities. Research centers provide specialized, high-end equipment, as needed in research and development projects.


Being a residential Institute, it is mandatory for all students to stay on-campus. There are separate hostels for boys and girls with network and internet facilities.


The Library has a large collection of reference books, text books, technical reports, standards, literature books and CDROMS. The institute’s multi-user fully integrated LMS provides online access facility.


The Institute dining ensures healthy and nutritious cuisine from north and south India including a blend of other cuisines. In addition, there is a canteen and cafeteria that serves snacks, fast food, juices, tea and coffee.

Gymnasium & Yoga

The campus has gymnasium facilities with a physical trainer and a yoga room with a trained yoga instructor.

Pay & Enabling Factors

Pay and other Benefits

The Institute’s faculty employment type and pay scales are on par with 7th CPC as per MHRD guidelines. Overall, the compensation, benefits and facilities are amongst the best institutes of national importance.

Travel & Relocation Expenses

The Institute bears the cost of travel for self and immediate family by air (economy class) and relocation expenses during the time of joining as per the rules.

Research Grants

Being a research based Institute, we lay high emphasis on faculty pursuing research immediately after joining the Institute and offers seed funding to do so.

Professional Development

Fund towards professional development is available to all faculty members, which can be used for buying books, professional memberships, attend conferences and seminars, meet travel expenses for attending conferences, etc.

Consultancy Assignments

IIIT-H encourages faculty members to take up consultancy assignments with corporates, public sector and other research based institutes and organizations.

Ensures individual faculty research aspirations are realized

The Institute goes out of the way to extend help to individual faculty wanting to pursue research in specific area of interest.

Students assistance in research work

New faculty member is awarded enough academic points to support 4 research students for 3 years.

Computing Facility

The institute has fixed a standard amount of Rs. one lakh for new faculty member to buy his/her laptop or desktop in addition to the office space and other facilities


The Institute offers one-year sabbatical for accepting academic assignments abroad, attaining competitive scholarships and fellowships. Faculty who have completed six years of continual service with the Institute are entitled to avail sabbatical. During this period, the faculty would be paid as per the norms of the Institute.

Excellent administrative support

The Institute functions efficiently through agile and lean structure facilitating speed in response in all aspects of administration.

Housing facilities within the Campus

Faculty who stay on campus are provided reasonably priced paid accommodation. The institute also provides a nominal amount towards rentals for faculty who wish to stay off campus for an initial period of three years.

Day Care

The Institute provides paid day care facility within campus for the children of both faculty and staff.


IIIT-H Aarogyya Center provides out-patient services to the campus residents by consulting doctors specialized in Allopathic, Homoeopathic and Ayurveda. Consultancy is given free of cost to all the IIIT-H family members. Towards hospitalization, Institute reimburses annually Rs.20,000/- towards premium for covering self and dependent family members.

Work Culture

Enabled to fly as high as possible –
  • All goals set internally, with no restrictions
  • N-PPP Model: Liberate by breaking bonds
  • Fully empowered Governing Council
  • Institution for, of, and by the larger society
Institutionalized lean & agile structure

Great emphasis has been laid on building a work culture that promotes excellence in all spheres of Institute’s operations. The structure by design encourages speed in decision-making, efficiency, and high level of productivity.

Devoid of hierarchy & bureaucracy

Faculty members have direct reporting relationship with the Director of the Institute creating platform for open dialogue, discussions and, thereby, enabling speedy decision-making.

Freedom with great sense of responsibility

The Institute believes that freedom and responsibility go hand-in-hand in building high performing work culture. Lot of care has been taken to ensure this aspect is finely balanced ensuring that each individual is highly committed, motivated and takes complete ownership of his / her deliverables.

Respect diversity

At IIIT-H, diversity just does not confine to race, age, gender, ethnicity, education, genre and physical abilities. We realize that each individual is distinct and unique. Every effort is made in recognizing and respecting individual differences, ensuring that Institute derives maximum benefit through diverse ideas and expertise.

Life @ Hyderabad

Hyderabad is amongst the most happening cities, clean, vibrant with modern infrastructural facilities and wide connectivity. It is a major center for the technology industry. The other spectrums include, BFSI, pharma & healthcare, service, trade, logistics, retail, etc..
Schools in Hyderabad are affiliated to either CBSE, SSLC or ICSE. Schools are run by either state government, local governing bodies, private individuals, missionaries or other agencies. Children in Hyderabad schools have to study for ten years in schools, followed by two years in junior college before becoming eligible to enroll for graduation programme in a college. Colleges in Hyderabad offer graduation, post-graduation and doctoral programmes in science, arts, engineering, commerce, law, medicine and fashion.
Hyderabadi cuisine is a blend of traditional South Indian, Mughal, and Persian cuisine. Hyderabadi Biryani is an iconic dish of the region. Italian, Mexican, Chinese and Continental cuisine have also become popular.

Culturally, the city is rich in performing arts and its rich legacy in dance, music and drama. There are centers for arts and cultures around the city to facilitate and promote creative atmosphere. Some leading Artists like M. F. Hussain and T. Vaikuntam, both painters, have been associated with the city. Lamakaan located in Banjara Hills, is an open cultural space promoting the best of arts, literature, theatre, debate and dialogue. Hyderabad is the home to the Telugu film industry, popularly known as Tollywood.
Cricket and Field hockey are the most popular sports in the city. The 2003 Afro-Asian Games was the second largest sports event held in India. Hyderabad 10k Run is a marathon event conducted every year. The city has state-of-the-art venues for gymnastics, archery and Sepak Takraw. There are venues for table-tennis, basketball, equestrianism, boxing, weight-lifting with world class facilities.