A. Joining IIIT-H as a Full-time Faculty
  • I will be defending my thesis soon (I don’t have the PhD degree yet), can I still apply?

    Yes, candidates with outstanding credentials can be considered and offered faculty position conditional on successful completion of PhD.

  • I am a fresh PhD, what kind of appointment can I expect?

    Fresh PhD applicants with excellent academic and research record will be considered for the position of Assistant Professors on contract.

  • I am living outside India, do I have to come down to IIIT-H for an interview?

    Yes, IIIT-H encourages faculty from abroad as full-time, guest or visiting faculty. We do have a provision for conducting skype / video interviews. However, the final round of interview is organized in person based on mutual convenience.

  • How long will it take IIIT-H to make me an offer?

    It takes anywhere between 2-4 weeks to consider faculty applications after the Selection Committee completes the process.

  • How soon will I be expected to join after getting the offer?

    About 1-2 months, but we are flexible in considering requests for extension in joining time. Acceptance or rejection of the offer, however, is expected within 7 days of the date the offer is made.

  • When would the Semester begin and end?

    Fall: 1st August – 30th November Spring: 1st January - 30th April

  • What is the expected teaching load per year/semester?

    The typical teaching load per year is three courses. This includes core courses at the undergraduate level also.

  • How many days a week does a faculty member work? What are the work hours?

    The Institute follows a 6-day, 40 hours per week schedule for faculty. However, faculty members at IIIT-H, as at any premier institute in the world, generally work way beyond the Institute hours. There is also enormous flexibility offered in terms of work-from-home.

  • Does IIIT-H have start-up/seed grants available for new faculty?

    Yes, IIIT-H encourages new faculty to submit research proposals to the Institute, and start building up their research program as soon as they join. A one-time seed grant is offered to kick-start the research activity.

  • How can a faculty member develop research facilities?

    The Institute goes out of the way to extend help to individual faculty wanting to pursue research in specific area of interest. In addition, research proposals including expenditure for research infrastructure, can be submitted to the Institute or to external funding agencies. Also, new faculty member given resources to support 4 research students for a tenure of 3 years.

  • Is there a limit on the research initiation grant that IIIT-H can give?

    There are no predefined limits. Every application is judged on merit.

  • Are faculty members expected to write research proposals to funding agencies?

    Yes, the Institute strongly encourages faculty to seek external funding for research. Securing external funding for research is a key catalyst for a vibrant research culture, developing institutional facilities, and training research manpower.

  • How do we apply for research funds from industries and government agencies?

    There are calls for proposals and you can visit companies to seek funding. Alternatively, you can collaborate with others. You can discuss with the Dean (R&D) to obtain more details.

  • Is there any other funding for professional development?

    A professional development fund of INR 50,000/- per year is available to all faculty members. Additional fund of INR 75,000/- - INR 1,00,000/- is available for publishing high quality research papers. Institute grants INR 3,00,000/- towards international travel.

  • Can faculty take up consultancies?

    IIIT-H encourages faculty members to take up consultancy assignments based on high end expertise of the faculty, not easily available outside. They are allowed to spend one day in 7 days on consultancy work. The Institute deducts nominal costs towards overheads from the income. The consultancies need to be conducted through the Institute, and shall not be in the faculty member’s personal capacity.

  • Are employment opportunities available for spouses at IIIT-H or in the neighborhood?

    Merit of the candidate is the main consideration, and IIIT-H neither gives preference nor discriminates in hiring spouses. The Institute is located in an economically vibrant city and there would be many employment opportunities for spouses.

B. Travel, Relocation and Housing
  • Does the Institute reimburse travel and relocation Expenses towards Joining IIIT-H?

    IIIT-H bears the cost of travel for the incumbent and immediate family by Air (economy class) or II A/C Train from place of stay to Hyderabad, India. To claim reimbursement, e-Ticket along with boarding pass needs to be furnished along with appropriate bills, if applicable.
    In addition, freight charges up to INR 50,000/- (within India) and INR 1,00,000/- (from outside India) is paid. To avail tax exemption, all necessary bills / receipts need to be furnished before the closing of financial year.

  • Housing & Temporary Accommodation

    The Institute has a residential campus for faculty and students. Faculty are provided with reasonably priced rented accommodation.

C. Pay & Enabling Factors
  • How much salary can one expect at IIIT-H?

    The Institute’s faculty employment type and pay scales are on par with 7th CPC as per MHRD guidelines. Overall, the compensation, benefits and facilities are amongst the best institutes of national importance.


    Basic Pay


    Assistant Professor (on contract)

    Rs. 92,900/-

    Rs. 15,00,000/-

    Assistant Professor

    Rs. 1,01,500/-

    Rs. 17,32,000/-

    Associate Professor

    Rs. 1,39,600/-

    Rs. 22,06,644/-


    Rs. 1,59,100/-

    Rs. 25,61,100/-

  • How about pay revisions?

    Pay revisions are done periodically in line with the national revisions and also after a full appraisal every year.

  • Does the Institute recognize faculty’s exceptional achievements by way of higher salary, etc.?

    Yes, exceptional performance is always valued at the institute. Additional professional development funds are made available for exceptional performers.

  • Are there any medical and hospitalization benefits for self and family members?

    IIIT-H Aarogyya Center provides out-patient services to the campus residents by consulting doctors specialized in Allopathic, Homoeopathic and Ayurveda. Consultancy is given free of cost to all the IIIT-H family members. The Institute reimburses annually Rs.20,000/- to faculty towards premium for covering self and dependent family members towards hospitalization

  • Does the Institute provide for traveling to home town?

    Leave Travel Allowance of Rs.40,000/- to faculty is provided.

  • What is the leave/vacation entitlement of faculty members at IIIT-H?

    A faculty member is entitled to 12 days of casual leave in a calendar year (pro-rated according to the date of joining) and 60 days of vacation leave in a year as per the rules laid down by IIIT-H. Traveling on duty, such as attending a conference, committee meetings, evaluations, etc.., does not count towards these leave days.

  • What type of retirement benefits are available?

    The new pension scheme (NPS) is applicable to all faculty members. Gratuity on completion of five years of continual service with IIIT-H.

  • Does IIIT-H provide for sabbaticals?

    The Institute offers one-year sabbatical for accepting academic assignments abroad, attaining competitive scholarships and fellowships. Faculty who have completed six years of continual service with the Institute are entitled to avail sabbatical. During this period, the faculty would be paid as per the norms of the Institute.

D. Short-term and Part-time Opportunities for Prospective Faculty
  • Does IIIT-H offer visiting appointments of short durations such as one semester or one year?

    Yes, IIIT-H encourages qualified candidates to apply for such appointments.

  • I would like to spend a part of my sabbatical in India. What kinds of opportunities are available at IIIT-H?

    Academics planning to take a sabbatical at IIIT-H for a semester or a year can teach one course per semester. Towards this, we offer reasonable remuneration/honorarium and stay in the Institute. Please go through positions open for adjunct faculty position on our website.

  • I am teaching in a University and I would like to gain experience of working as a faculty member in IIIT Hyderabad. Are such opportunities available at IIIT-H?

    IIIT-H welcomes faculty with excellent credentials from institutions such as nationally important institutes and other universities to be a visiting faculty with us for a semester or more.

  • Are part-time faculty appointments available for deserving candidates?

    Yes, the Institute would explore flexible working arrangements with outstanding candidates who can contribute to IIIT-H.