Call for Tender: Procuring GPU Computer node for IIIT-H Data I-Hub Foundation



 International Institute of Information Technology



Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) under Two-Cover Bid System


For supply of


GPU Compute Node for a quantity of 10 numbers to IHub-Data office,

 International Institute of Information Technology



 Tender No.: IHub-Data/Purchase/2021-22/01; Date: 27th July, 2021


Sealed quote should reach to the below address on or before  20 Aug, 2021 , by 3pm.




IHub-Data Purchase Committee


IIIT Hyderabad


Professor CR Rao Rd, Gachibowli, Hyderabad,


Telangana 500032, India.





 The IHub-Data (henceforth referred to as the Purchaser), IIIT Hyderabad is planning to purchase GPU Compute Node for a quantity of ten numbers for research activities. Bids are invited from bidders in two-cover format, as per the bill of quantity (BoQ) in Annexure-I.




1.1) Bidder should be an OEM or its authorised vendor. The bidder should submit documentary proof that he is authorised by the OEM to supply the equipment.


1.2) The bidder should have a track record of having previously supplied similar equipment to Central/State Government or other reputed firms. Purchase order copies of previous installations are required along with customer contact details. 


1.3) In the technical bid, the bidder should clearly demarcate the responsibilities between the OEM and the bidder. Complete details of the same have to be submitted in the technical bid. However, for complete supply, installation, and post-installation service, the bidder shall be responsible.


1.4) The bidder has to provide an undertaking on the official letter-head of the company that it has not been blacklisted by any department or undertaking of the Central or State Government department/Public Sector Undertakings (PSU)/Public Sector Enterprises (PSE)/ Banks in India.


1.5) The bidder (along with the OEM) should be in a position to demonstrate their competence and capability (with sales office and service centre based in Hyderabad), as a team, to deliver all the services expected during the period. 




 2.1) The offer should be in the two-bid system in a two-cover format – i.e., “Technical bid” and “Commercial bid”. Last date of submission 20 August, 2021 before 3pm. 

2.2) Technical bid must contain only the technical details. This part must not include price offered by the bidder. The price must be mentioned only in the commercial bid part. 

2.3) Late or delayed tenders shall be summarily rejected. 

2.4) Bidder(s) must submit their PAN issued by Income Tax authorities, TIN, and a copy of the PAN / TIN with the bid. 

2.5) Bid document(s) and all enclosures must contain the name and address of the bidder, as well as the signature and seal of the authorised representative of the bidder. 

2.6) The Bank/RTGS details on the letter-head of the bidder(s) must be submitted along with the tenders (technical bid). A copy of the cancelled cheque should also be attached. 




 The technical bid should contain the following:

 3.1) Overall compliance statement indicating adherence to each and every clause in the terms and conditions, as per Annexure-II. 

3.2) Detailed technical description of the products and datasheets for the specific configuration options quoted.

 3.3) A letter from the OEM authorizing the bidder to bid for this tender.

 3.4) Terms for licensing (perpetual or linked with support contract) and service/support for each hardware/software component. Terms for software usage and update should be unambiguously stated.

 3.5) It is mandatory that the Bill of Quantity (BoQ) adequately covers all necessary equipment. The bidder is required to indicate, by filling-in Annexure-I, whether each line item in the BoQ is quoted.

 3.6) The bidder must specify the exact make and model number of of RAM, HDD, SSD, NIC, RAID and BMC.

 3.7) System should be factory assembled and tested at the OEM site.

 3.8) Technical proposal should contain un-priced detailed BoQ.

 3.9) Part numbers for all the quoted products should be specified.




 4.1) The commercial bid should contain details of the prices for each of the subsystems (including the software licenses), clearly mentioning the rate and the quantity. Price quoted should be inclusive of all taxes, delivery and installation charges at IHUB-Data,  IIIT, Hyderabad.

 4.2) Price must be offered only in the prescribed priced bid format for all the line items (Annexure III).

 4.3) Price should include all discounts applicable to research institution



 The total solution consisting of supply, installation, and commissioning, as per the PO (Purchase order), should be completed within __8-10____ weeks after receiving firm PO from IHub-Data.



  6.1) The bidder/OEM shall be fully responsible for the warranty period.

 6.2) Preventive maintenance and repairs supplied by the bidder are the responsibilities of the bidder. 

6.3) OEM support contract should be for a period of __5__ years from the date of acceptance of the equipment. 

6.4) While the support contract is valid, the bidder/OEM shall attend to all the problems on site and shall replace the defective parts at no extra cost to the purchaser within 5 working days after reporting the issue. 

  6.6) Performance security guarantee through any nationalized bank in India for 10% of the total purchase order amount shall be given by the selected bidder to the Purchaser (DD favoring "IIIT-H DATA I-HUB FOUNDATION".) Format of the performance security guarantee will be given by the purchaser at the time of issuing the purchase order. 

6.7) OEM/bidder shall clearly specify the conditions over which the service obligations will be void. Detailed document regarding warranty conditions and applicability should be submitted along with bid with a declaration of accepting the warranty conditions of the purchaser.




 7.1) Regarding any clarification on technical aspects or any other issue, a pre-bid meeting will be held on a date and time will communicated through email, if any, may only be submitted to the email ID before the pre bid meeting. No queries will be entertained after the pre-bid meeting. 

The changes in the tender, if any, made after pre-bid meeting, would be published on the IHub-Data website

 7.2) Delayed and/or incomplete tenders are liable to be rejected.

 7.3) The technical bid should not contain any price information. Non-conformance will result in disqualification. 

7.4) All pages of the technical bid should be duly signed by the bidder. 

7.5) The bidders are requested to go through the terms and conditions detailed in this document, before filling out the tender. Agreeing to the terms and conditions of the tender document (by signing all pages of the copy of the tender document) is a mandatory requirement.

7.6) Award criteria: the two-cover system will be followed; the technical and commercial bids will be opened:


 (i) Commercial bids of technically qualified bids alone will be taken up for further processing. Decision of IHub-Data will be final and binding.

 (ii) IHub-Data will award the contract to the bidder whose technical bid has been determined by the Purchase Committee to meet technical evaluation criteria, and who has offered the lowest evaluated bid price.

 7.7) IHub-Data reserves the right to accept or reject any bid, and to cancel the tender process and reject all bids, at any time prior to the award of contract, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected bidder(s) or any obligation to inform the affected bidder(s) of the grounds for the IHub-Data action.

 7.8) The Director/Academic Head, IHub-Data, IIT Hyderabad reserves the right to modify the technical specifications or the required quantity at any time.

 7.9) Any disputes will be under jurisdiction of Hyderabad

 7.10)The bid must be addressed to “The Chair, IHub-Data, IIT Hyderabad Purchase Committee” and the hard copy should be submitted via post or in person to – “IHub-Data Purchase Committee, IIIT Hyderabad Professor CR Rao Rd, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032”. In addition soft copy should be emailed to 

7.11) Contact: any queries or requests for clarification must be directed (through email only) to



 8.1) The commercial bid should contain, among other things, payment terms, warranty, installation, and commissioning charges. These charges will be paid only after successful supply, installation and acceptance. 

8.4) Price should be quoted per unit and the total amount for the required quantity should also be quoted.


8.5) Offer should be valid for 60 days from the date of submission.


8.6) EMD for Rs. 5,00,000 should be submitted in a separate cover along with the technical and commercials bids (total 3 covers to be submitted).


8.7) EMD of unsuccessful bidders will be returned back after tending.




 9.1) Payment terms 75 % after delivery and balance 25% on Installation / acceptance / submission of bank guarantee and warranty certificate.

 9.2) The performance security guarantee deposit will be returned after successful completion of one year after installation.



 Technical Specifications :: GPU Compute Node: Quantity 10




2 x Intel Xeon Gold 5317 (12C/24T, 3.0 GHz)


Intel Chipset, fully compatible with the processors


256 GB (16 × 16 GB) DDR4 2933 MHz ECC RAM

Optical Drive

Not needed

Drive Bays

At least 8 hot-swap SFF/LFF HDD bays


1 × 240 GB Enterprise grade SSD (Endurance rating ≥ 1.6 PBW)

1 × 1.92 TB Enterprise grade SSD (Endurance rating ≥9.4 )

1 × 2 TB SATA3 7200 RPM Enterprise grade HDD

Expansion Slots

At least 4 × PCI-E 3.0 x16 (double-width) and 2 × PCI-E 3.0 x8

Network Interface

2 × 1000BASE-T Ethernet ports


4 × NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti 12 GB Blower

Remote Management

IPMI 2.0 compatible BMC with dedicated RJ45 port
Should support web based GUI, virtual media and
KVM console over LAN

Power Supply

High efficient (95%), hot-plug, redundant PSU with C13-C14 cables


4U Rack mountable with two rear fan kits (with rated fan speed of 8200 RPM) and sliding rail kit.

Operating System

Should support Ubuntu 18.04


5 years on-site NBD warranty











Letter from OEM that the bidder is authorised to supply the equipment



Whether the bidder has supplied similar equipment to Govt institutes or
reputed firms and whether documentary proof attached



Declaration that the bidder is not blacklisted by any Govt entities in India



Detailed technical specifications and datasheets for all line items



Terms for hardware/software licensing, updates and support clearly stated



BoQ compliance sheet filled in and a copy of masked commercial bid




ANNEXURE -III: Price Bid Form



Product ID



Unit Price (INR)

Taxes (%age ___)

Total Price (INR) incl. taxes















































































 To download the form please click here: HUB Tender GPU Compute Node Form

All the vendors should quote using the above format only else will be disqualified.



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