Ex-Microsoft India MD Joins IIIT-H Incubated Company As Chairman

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September 22, 2011

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SETU Software Systems, IIIT-H's first incubated company, has appointed Mr. Srini Koppolu, a high profile corporate executive, as its chairman.

Srini, who is the former corporate vice-president and managing director of Microsoft India Development Center (MIDC), left the company last year, following a 21-year-long stint, to pursue his dream of contributing to the startup ecosystem and education in India.

Founded in 2008 by Prof. Vasudeva Varma and Dr. Prasad Pingali, SETU's vision is to bridge social and economic barriers to information access. With a strong research foundation, SETU's focus lies in search and information access technologies, using text and natural language processing (NLP).

SETU was conferred the Best Product Startup Award (in the Enterprise category), by the Information Technology & Services Industry Association of Andhra Pradesh (ITsAP), in 2010.

While Prof. Vasudeva Varma (Vasu) heads two of IIIT-H's premier research labs Search & Information Extraction Lab (SIEL) and Software Engineering Research Lab (SERL) SETU's CEO Dr. Prasad Pingali is an adjunct faculty member at IIIT-H and was the doctoral student of Prof. Vasu.

Over 60% of SETU's workforce of research and development engineers turns out to be IIIT-H alumni, mostly from the institute's flagship master's program in research.

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The coverage is also available at http://www.setusoftware.com/news

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