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IIITH Official Has Been Honored With Best Placement & Brand Marketing Officer Award

March 1, 2012

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IIIT-H Official Has Been Honored With Best Placement & Brand Marketing Officer Award

Mr. Jayadev GAG, head of IIIT-H's brand building and fundraising initiatives, has been conferred the Bloomberg UTV powered Best Placement & Brand Marketing Officer Award, by the Stars of the Industry Group.

Mr. Jayadev had earlier headed the institute's campus placement program for five years, for graduated batches 2007 to 2011.

The national level award was extended as part of the Group's prestigious annual B-School Excellence Awards, at the Taj Lands End Hotel, Bandra, Mumbai, on February 18, 2012.

The award has been in recognition of "Mr. Jayadev's leadership, vision, and brand marketing of the institute" and "performance on placement over successive years".

Mr. Jayadev and His Work at IIIT-H
In a varied career, spanning 20 years, in the IT, education, and training sectors, in business organizations and academic institutes, Mr. Jayadev has performed a wide array of functions that include corporate communications, brand building, corporate marketing, business development, training administration, content development, technology recruitment, and campus placement.

In the first five years of his stint at IIIT-H, Mr. Jayadev served as the head of the institute's brand building and campus placement. In this role, Mr. Jayadev worked with IIIT-H leadership team and student leaders to design and implement a range of innovative policy, process, and marketing initiatives that helped raise the 13-year-old institute to one of the top 1 to 5 places nationally, on campus recruitment, ahead of the famed IITs, for five years, in a row, since 2007.

Consistently outstanding placement rankings for IIIT-H over the past five years have, together with other intrinsic strengths, helped the institute achieve top 5 to 10 ranks (overall), in all-India level college assessment surveys.

Dataquest's all-India rankings of IIIT-H over the past six years
2011 --- Top 5
2010 --- Top 5
2009 --- Top 7
2008 --- Top 7
2007 --- Top 9
2006 --- Top 10
The rankings cover the IITs too.
Dataquest's all-India rankings of IIIT-H's placement over the past five years
2011 --- Top 1 (EducationExpo TV  Top 1)
2010 --- Top 3 (Mint  Top 2)
2009 --- Top 5 (Mint  Top 2)
2008 --- Top 3 (Outlook  Top 2)
2007 --- Top 5
The rankings cover the IITs too.
Check photos at the award ceremony. image1, image2
Contact: For more details of IIIT-H's serial successes on placement, contact Prof. Vasudeva Varma, Coordinator, IIIT-H Industry Liaison Committee and past chair of IIIT-H Placement Committee at vv@iiit.ac.in.

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