Information for Parents/Guardians

The Institute has a website to know about your ward’s academic performance, attendance details and also general information of IIIT-H.

The website name is "IIIT's Guardians Information System". Guidelines to access the website are given below.

  1. Type the following line on address line of any internet browser and press enter key.
  2. Then the main page of the website will appear.
  3. Register your name using the link "Register".
  4. Please give the following details in appropriate boxes.
    1. Student Roll Number (Your ward)
    2. Your email id (correct and working)
    3. Enter the text as shown in the image in the side textbox.
  5. Click on the button Register.
  6. After registering successfully you will receive a password to your email id (given in 4(b) above) .
  7. To access the portal, login with email id provided (given in 4(b) above) and password you have received.
  8. To see the details of your ward, please login from the main page using your login email id and password.
  9. You can change your password using the "change password" option in the Profile tab.
  10. You can also give your contact details in the Profile tab.
  11. Please secure your email ID and password for future.
  12. Your ward’s information will be available from the month of September.

Click here to Register

Page last updated on 28th August, 2015