General disclosure

General disclosure under RTI Act. (Suo-moto disclosure under section 4)

General Disclosure under RTI Act

(Suo-moto disclosure under section 4)

1. Powers and duties of officers/employees

2. Procedures followed in the decision making process including channels of supervision and accountability;

3. Norms set by it for discharge of its functions

For the above 3 questions, the Administration Chart of the Institute is given in Annexure -1 

In addition, various Committees are functioning to look after the day to day affairs of the Institute.

4. Rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records held by it for discharge of functions

All the information of Academic & Administration Rules and Regulations book – July 2013 is given in Annexure - 2

5. Statement of categories of documents held by the organization or under its control

  • Memorandum of Association

  • Society Registration

  • MHRD recognition as Deemed-to-be University

6. Particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with or representation by, the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof.

Members of public can approach the Registrar

7. List of boards, Councils, Committees and other bodies and the minutes of the meeting which are accessible to the public

  • Governing Council

  • Academic Council

  • Finance Committee

  • Institute Steering Committee

  • Academic Affairs Committee

  • UG programme committee

  • PG programme committee

  • PG Committee

  • Scholarship Committee

  • Student Travel Grants committee

  • Education Outreach committee

  • Industry Outreach committee

  • Placements Committee

  • Events Committee

  • Brand Building Committee

  • Alumni Affairs

  • Student Life Committee

  • Computer/Technical Resource Committee

  • Library Committee

  • Campus Beautification committee

  • Building Works Committee

  • Space Committee

  • Quarters allocation committee

  • Disciplinary Committee

  • Faculty Search committee

  • Faculty Appraisal Committee

  • Staff Committee

  • Emergency Medical Fund Committee

The council / committees above are for the administrative convenience of the Institute for its day-to-day functioning to reach the objectives of the Institute. The minutes of the committees are for internal use only. As a result, the minutes of the above (except for Governing Council) are posted on internal web site for all faculty.

8. Monthly remuneration of officers/employees including the system of compensation as provided in its regulations

Designation Start Salary
Assistant Professor 9.25 Lakhs p.a
Associate Professor 11.24 Lakhs p.a
Professor 13.04 Lakhs p.a
Designation Scale of Pay (Basic)
General Manager or Equalent post  
Technical Rs. 47000-
Semi-Technical Rs. 44500-
Non-Technical Rs. 43000-
Manager or Equalent post  
Technical Rs. 26500-63000
Semi-Technical Rs. 25000-59500
Non-Technical Rs. 24000-57000
Assistant Manager or Equalent Post  
Technical Rs. 16000-33500
Semi-Technical Rs. 15000-31500
Non-Technical Rs. 14500-30500
Assistant or Equalent Post  
Technical Rs. 11000-19000
Semi-Technical Rs. 10500-18500
Non-Technical Rs. 10000-17500

9. Budget allocated to each agency indicating the particulars of all plans, proposed expenditure and reports on disbursements made

Annual projected Budget of the Institute for the year 2009-10 Rs. 1603.20 Lakhs

10. Manner of execution of subsidy program and details of beneficiaries of such programmes ex. Scholarships. 

  • Pratibha scholarships to Undergraduate students as per the norms of Govt. of Andhra Pradesh

  • Post Metric scholarships as per the norms of Govt. of Andhra Pradesh

  • GATE scholarships to PG students as per AICTE norms

  • CSIR fellowship

  • Alumni Scholarship (Rules and regulations are available on institute website) 

11. Particulars of recipients of concessions and permits and authorizations granted by it


12. Details in respect of the information available in an electronic form

13. Facilities available for obtaining information including working hours of a library or reading room, if maintained for public use

The Library is meant for the students, faculty and staff of the Institute and is accessible from 9 AM to 12 (mid night) on working days

14. Directory including email address and telephone numbers of its officers and its employees

List of full time faculty/staff and e-mail id

S.No. Employee Name Designation Email ID
1 Narayanan P.J Professor & Director
2 Kamalakar Karlapalem Professor & Dean (Acad)
3 Vasudeva Varma Professor & Dean (R&D)
4 Govindarajulu R Emiridus Professor & Registrar
5 Abhijit Mitra Professor
6 Dipti M Sharma Professor
7 Harjinder Singh Professor
8 Jawahar C V Professor
9 Jayanthi Sivaswamy Professor
10 Krishna Reddy P Professor
11 Navjyothi Singh Professor
12 Pradeep Kumar R Professor
13 Rajeev Sangal Professor
14 Bagga R.K. Advisor [Outreach]
15 Chandrasekhar Mukku UGC Research Scientist
16 Jayashree Ratnam Visiting Faculty
17 Kaul C.N Professor of Eminence
18 Nand Kishore Acharya Professor of Eminence
19 Peri Bhaskararao Institute Professor
20 Rao P.R.K Professor of Eminence
21 Sarma K.R Professor of Eminence
22 Venkateswarlu M Professor of Eminence
23 Vineet Chaitanya Distinguished faculty
24 Viswanath K. Research Professor of Eminence
25 Yeganarayana B Institute Professor
26 Anubha Gupta Associate Professor
27 Deva Priyakumar U Associate Professor
28 Kishore Kothapalli Associate Professor
29 Krishnan Sundara Rajan Associate Professor
30 Madhava Krishna K Associate Professor
31 Nita Parekh Associate Professor
32 Raghubabu Reddy Y Associate Professor
33 Rama Murthy G Associate Professor
34 Shatrunjay Rawat Sys. Associate Professor
35 Tapan Kumar Sau Associate Professor
36 Venkatesh Choppella Associate Professor
37 Vikrampudi Associate Professor
38 Vishal Garg Associate Professor
39 Anil Kumar Vuppala Assistant Professor
40 Anoop Namboodiri Assistant Professor
41 Ashok Kumar Das Assistant Professor
42 Azeemuddin Syed Assistant Professor
43 Bezawada Bruhadeshwar Assistant Professor
44 Chakrapani Bommaraju Assistant Professor
45 Giridhar rao A. Senior Lecturer
46 Indranil Chakrabarty Assistant Professor
47 Kannan Srinathan Assistant Professor
48 Kavitha Vemuri Sr. Research Scientist
49 Kishore S.P. Assistant Professor
50 Marimuthu Krishnan Assistant Professor
51 Neelima Satyam D Assistant Professor
52 Prabhakar Bhimalapuram Assistant Professor
53 Priyanka Srivastava Senior Research Scientist
54 Radhika Mamidi Assistant Professor
55 Ramachandra Prasad Assistant Professor
56 Rambabu Kalla Assistant Professor
57 Soma Paul Research Assistant Professor
58 Sriram V Assistant Professor
59 Subhajit Roy Chowdhury Assistant Professor
60 Suresh Purini Assistant Professor
61 Suril Vijaykumar Shah Research Assistant Professor
62 Suryakanth G V Assistant Professor
63 Vijayasankara Rao Assistant Professor
S.No. Employee Name Designation Email IDs
1 Banatanwi Das Mahapatra Instructor
2 Chenna Rajaram Lecturer
3 Devansh Mittal Lecturer
4 Harsh Satya Lecturer
5 Kirti Garg Lecturer
6 Mululam Teku Lecturer
7 Naini Arora Lecturer
8 Piyush Bansal Research Lecturer
9 Pranav Kumar Vasistha Lecturer
10 Rajesh KumarTavva Lecturer
11 Sharmistha Kar Lecturer
12 Sonal Nimkar Lecturer
13 Sunil M Lohar Lecturer
14 Venkata Dilip Kumar Lecturer
15 Vijaya Prakash E Lecturer
16 Vinay Kumar Mittal Lecturer
S.No. Name Designations mail - Id
1 Aditya Sharma Assistant System Administrator
2 Anuradha Devi Y Administrative Assistant
3 Appaji N N Assistant Academic Officer
4 Bal Santosh B Administrative Assistant
5 Balagangadharan M Assistant Manager (OBH)
6 Bhanu Pratap Sharma Caretaker (Bakul Hostel)
7 Bhaskar Prasad M Manager (Systems)
8 David T J Project Coordinator
9 David Raju A P Supervisor (ECE Lab)
10 Devi Prasad T V Placement Manager
11 Girish Byrappa Administrative Assistant
12 Gopala Rao K Technical Assistant
13 Grace Nalini B Academic Assistant
14 Guru Prasad J Software Development Engineer
15 Harish P Assistant System Administrator
16 Jaya Prakash P System Administrator
17 Jithender Rao P Library Assistant
18 Kamalakar K S Assistant Physical Education Director
19 Kanika Gupta Sr. Technical Assistant
20 Karthik Raj P Administrative Assistant
21 Kavita.D Caretaker (Girls Hostel)
22 Kishore Y V S K Academic Assistant
23 Krishna Sireesha S Administrative Assistant
24 Kumara Swamy D Accounts Assistant
25 Lakshmi Narasimha Rao Y Technical Supervisor
26 Lakshmi Narayana B Assistant Manager (NBH)
27 Madhu Babu D System Administrator
28 Mahender Kumar B Administrative Assistant
29 Manohar P Ch Administrative Assistant
30 Manoj Kumar K Accounts Assistant
31 Muralidhar G Assistant Librarian
32 Murthy P L Administrative Assistant
33 Nagamani N Administrative Assistant
34 Nalini Kumar P Accounts Assistant
35 Namratha G Administrative Assistant
36 Phaneendra A Administrative Assistant
37 Prabhakar M Administrative Assistant
38 Prabhakar Sharma V Dy. Librarian
39 Prathiba Vinayak Joshi Yoga Instructor
40 Prathima Mandapati V.L Administrative Assistant
41 Purnavathi P Technical Assistant
42 Pushpalatha B Administrative Assistant
43 Rama Krishna G Academic Assistant
44 Ramana V V Manager (Administration)
45 Rambabu P V S Assistant Manager
46 Revanth Reddy K Assistant System Administrator
47 Sailaja N Administrative Assistant
48 Sammaiah R Accounts Assistant
49 Sastry K C M Accounts Officer
50 Satish Kumar P Library Assistant
51 Satish Kumar G Administrative Assistant
52 Satish Kumar K Administrative Assistant
53 Satyanarayana K Administrative Officer
54 Satyanarayana R S Administrative Assistant
55 Shanmukh Rao P Accounts Assistant
56 Shastry S L N University Engineer
57 Srihari P Academic Assistant
58 Srinivas K Dy. Executive Engineer
59 Srinivas Rao G System Administrator
60 Srinivasulu V A Administrative Assistant
61 Sudha Chandrasekhar V Communications Coordinator
62 Surya Bhagavan P Human Values Assistant
63 Suvarna Rekha Student Professional Counsellor
64 Uday Kumar . B Caretaker (Mess)
65 Veda P Accounts Assistant
66 Venugopal K Dy. Executive Engineer (Electrical)
67 Venugopal M Assistant Executive Engineer
68 Vijaya Sekhar K S Assistant Manager (Outreach Division)
69 Vinayak Krishnarao Joshi Yogacharya
70 Vitalrao M Administrative Assistant
71 Vivek Gupta Technical Assistant

15. Names and designations of Public Information Officers and First Appellate Authority



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