Disclosure regarding measures taken for Anti Ragging.

International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad
(Deemed University)
  1. Name of Institution:
    International Institute of Information Technology
  2. Address:
    Gachibowli, Hyderabad – 500 032.
    Ranga Reddy District, Andhra Pradesh.
  3. Name and Address of Affiliating University:
    Not Applicable
  4. Name and Address of DTE or any other related state government office:
    Not Applicable
  5. Date of constitution of Anti Ragging Committee:
    August, 2013
    • Prof. Dipti M. Sharma, Professor ----- Chair
    • Prof. Abhijit Mitra, Professor ----- Member
    • Prof. Pradeep Ramancharla ----- Member
    • Prof. Shatrunjay Rawat ----- Member
  6. Contact details of in-charge (name, address, phone no., email ID)
    Prof. Dipti M Sharma
    Student Life Committee Chair
    2-59, Telecom Nagar, Ext-1
    Hyderabad – 500 032
  7. Date of constitution of Anti Ragging Squad:
    May 2011.
  8. Number of surprise raids conducted by squad:
    See the detailed note under point 13 below.
  9. Number of ragging incidents reported:
  10. Action taken on reported ragging cases:
    Not Applicable.
  11. Number of Monitoring Cell constituted:
    11 Monitoring Cells are constituted under Apex Body. (Also refer to the points 12 & 13).
  12. Incorporation of directions as provisioned under clause 11(a) of the regulation in the
    prospectus / advertisement issued for admission.
    Please see below.
  13. Receipts of affidavit from the student and parents as envisaged under the regulation.
    Please see below.


Write-up for points 12 and 13:
Taking care of the essence of the issue, following steps have been taken:
  1. We have an appropriate undertakings from the new and old students at the time of Admission/registration.
  2. Here are some proactive steps. Not only to check incidents of ragging – but also to ensure that the issue of ragging is handled at its roots.
The institute has set up a welcoming cell consisting of senior students. The members of the welcoming cell worked two-three months before start of the semester under the guidance of the Faculty and Staff who are involved in the admission process. They have set up an online forum in order to provide personalized advice even before the new entrants have arrived for admission.
Responsible senior students have been identified to constitute an Apex Body of students who, under the guidance of a body of Faculty members, organized a social mentoring network involving more than 75 senior students. The network consisted of several clusters of smaller groups, each headed by one or more Faculty members, one PG student and one apex body mentor. Each group, monitored day to day interactions with a group of 15-20 first year students for the whole of first month after admissions. We have been taking similar steps for the last several years, much before the anti-ragging ordinances had come into place, and have been able to redefine the nature of fresher-senior interactions within a ‘welcoming’ and ‘healthy’ paradigm.
In addition, we have also been taking proactive steps in terms of Human Values courses involving more than 20 Faculty members. Classes for this course typically involve weekly discussions with groups of 10-15 first year students, for the whole of the first year. A major thrust of these discussions is towards developing the understanding of trust and mutual respect among the students. Naturally this makes these students understand and appreciate the importance of healthy relationships and they are therefore least likely to even think in terms of ragging, when they become senior students.
We expect to reach zero ragging due to the proactive effort put in on senior students over the last 5 years.
Date: 22.08.2013


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