UG Admissions Using JEE (Main) Marks 2016

Note on June 6, 2016:  The last date for submission of applications through online portal has been extended to 10th June 2016. The dates for announcement of seat allotments is based on the  JoSAA counseling schedule for IITs/NITs.   Visit our website regularly for updates related to Seat Allotment Procedure.


Round 4 Allotment Results Announced [Login to check your result]

Round 4 seat allotment is delayed.  We plan to release Round 4 by the weekend.

  April 1, 2016

The dates for our allotment of seats, your acceptance/cancellation of the allotted seats, etc. will be finalized based on the JoSAA-2016 schedule.
Please visit our website regularly and await the announcement.

Applications are open for the following programmes at the institute.

Single Degree Programmes

  • [CSE] B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering

  • [ECE] B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Dual Degree Programmes

  • [CSD] B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering and Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering by Research

  • [ECD] B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering and Master of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering by Research

  • [CND] B.Tech in Computer Science and Master of Science in Computational Natural Sciences by Research

  • [BSD] B.Tech in Civil Engineering and Master of Science in Building Sciences and Engineering by Research


Admissions requirements

  • Application via our admissions portal. Click Here.

  • Reporting your marks in JEE (Main).

  • Obtaining a minimum of 60% marks in Maths, Physics and Chemistry in Class XII.


Criteria of selection

  • JEE (Main): Total Marks

  • First tiebreaker: Mathematics marks

  • Second tiebreaker: Physics marks

  • Third tiebreaker: Chemistry marks

    Note: Class XII marks have no bearing on the ranking and seat allocation.


Sanctioned Number of Seats


No. of Seats
















Application Portal Opens: April 1, 2016 (Friday)

Portal closes on: June 6, 2016 (Monday)  Extended till 10th June 2016 (Friday)

Fee Particulars

Fee Structure for the Academic Year 2016-17
The following fees are payable on admission for Semester-I:
Tuition Fee Rs.1,05,000/-
(Payment should be made for acceptance of seat allotment)
Seat Allotment Fee Rs.10,000/-
(One time payment along with tuition fee)
Caution Deposit Rs.10,000/-
(Refundable at the end of the programme)
Text Books Rs.1800/-
Hostel Fee, Water & Electric Charges UG1 Girls - Rs 12,700 per semester [On sharing basis]
UG1 Boys - Rs 13,375/- per semester [On sharing basis]
Mess Charges Rs.15,000 for semester I  (to be adjusted against actuals )


Preferences (Please read CAREFULLY)

  • Include only those programmes (in the branch preference list) in which you are seriously interested. You do not have to give a programme for every preference order.

  • If you are keen on only 1 branch, you should list it as your first and only preference.

  • If you are keen only on a few programmes of the institute, give preference order only among those. If none of your preferences is allotted during a particular round, you will have the option of continuing into further rounds.

  • Listing a programme in your preference list as a placeholder for another one is to be avoided as it robs the chance of another applicant genuinely serious in that programme.

  • No sliding is permitted after the last round of allotments.

  • The expected duration for completion of a Dual Degree program is 5 years. However, the exact duration is depending on satisfactory completion of a Thesis. Hence, you should not choose the Dual Degree option if you are unsure of being interested in research.


Admission Procedure

The admission process will be based on the following procedural steps.


Multiple Rounds

  • The admission process will have multiple rounds.

  • In each round, the institute will allot a seat to the applicant, and the applicant will have a deadline by when the seat can be accepted or declined.

  • In the event no seat is allotted to the applicant, the applicant can continue to further rounds. This is not automatic.


Seat Acceptance

  • The applicant should use the portal to explicitly accept the seat and pay the required fees as given below.

  • Applicants who fail to do so will have their seat allotment cancelled and will not be considered for the further rounds of admission.


Continuation to Further Rounds

  • An applicant MUST explicitly concur (agree) to participate in further rounds of seat allotments.

  • This requires logging onto a portal and indicating acceptance and paying the required fees.



  • An applicant can cancel the allotted seat at any time before reporting to the institute.

  • Depending on the round in which the seat was allotted and the date of cancellation, appropriate part of the total amount paid will be refunded to the applicant by the end of September 2016.

    Please read the terms and conditions about our admission policy and refund policy carefully before filling the online application and before paying the tuition fee for seat allotment.

    More details like deadlines for announcement of results, seat acceptance, etc. will be available on our site soon. Deadlines will be finalized based on the JoSAA-2016 schedule.

Click Here to Apply  [ Online Application Procedure ]


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