IIIT Hyderabad has announced suspension of the course work with immediate effect on 14th-March-2020 and has made it mandatory for all undergraduate students (first year to fourth year batches) and postgraduate students (MTech first and second year batches) doing only course work to return home by 18th-March-2020; research students (MS, PhD and Dual Degree students registered for thesis credits) can choose to stay and continue their research work. Institute will announce plans for finishing the Spring semester's coursework by 20th-March-2020.

PhD in Spatial Informatics

About the Program

Spatial Informatics (SI) PhD Programme is aimed at promoting research in the areas of GeoSpatial technologies (Remote Sensing and GIS) and its related areas. The program provides opportunities for students to work in both GIsystem related research, new methodologies and algorithm development for both RS and GIS and in all related application domain areas.

Please see the current/past research activities on the Research Centre’s web page, to get an idea of the gamut of research undertaken/promoted at LSI


M.E/M.Tech/M Sc all branches, MA in Social Sciences, MCA.

* Note Students with background in CSE can also apply for the regular PhD program in CSE offered here at IIIT-H and do research in this area. It be noted that such students will be governed by the PhD in CSE program guidelines.

Admission procedure

  1. Through PGEE, see http//www.iiit.ac.in/admissions/ for details

For PhD in Spatial Informatics, since a large range of disciplines can apply, ONLY General Aptitude (GA) paper has to be cleared during the PGEE. The subject proficiency and research aptitude will be tested at the Interview.

  1. Through PG Standing Committee. For details see Click here

In most cases, an Interview will be held.

Program Requirements/Regulations

A student of the PhD program in Spatial Informatics is expected to follow the following 4 stages (I to IV) and satisfy them.

I. Course requirements (Depth)

Three courses (including a project) each at or above 4000 level, of which at least one has to be from the Compulsory course group and one from Group 1

II. Breadth Qualifiers

A. Students of non-CSE background are required to do 4 courses from Groups 2 (min.2 courses), 3, 4, and 5

B. Students of CSE background are required to do the foundations and applications part of the breadth courses/qualifiers as specified in PhD in CSE program guidelines.

Grade of B or above is required for the Breadth Courses..

After finishing the Breadth Courses, there will be a Comprehensive Viva, clearing of which clears the student of the Breadth Qualifier requirements.

Courses may preferably be done within the first 4 semesters.

Course Groups are as follows

Compulsory SI related (Remote Sensing, GIS courses)

Group 1 Environmental and Natural Sciences, Social Sciences (Domain subjects)

Group 2 Maths, Programming (Computing tools, APS, etc)

Group 3 Visualization (DIP, PR, CV)

Group 4 Algorithms, Databases (Fundamental DB, Data mining)

Group 5 AI, Cognitive Science

III. Dissertation proposal defense

The student is expected to defend the dissertation proposal in front of an appropriate committee appointed by the Dean (Research). A student is declared a PhD candidate after this requirement is satisfied.

IV. Dissertation Final defense

On submission of the full thesis and clearing the final defense, the student will be awarded the PhD.

Yearly Review The progress of the student will be reviewed once every year, till the thesis proposal is submitted. If in the first 2 years, there has been no satisfactory progress, the candidate will be asked to leave the PhD program.

** For any updates/changes to these regulations, please see http://lsi.iiit.ac.in


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