PhD in Exact Humanities

About the Program

The PhD Program in Exact Humanities is primarily devoted to fundamental research in Humanities, and aims to conduct de-novo research in understanding human elements and human society. Such research would engage in trans-disciplinary inquiry spanning varied domains of human knowledge and imagination. Looking beyond contemporary boundaries of knowledge, the program seeks to draw insights from the Indian analytical traditions as well as from modern theoretical activities. The research environment of the program is designed in close proximity with research activities in computer science and ICT. The program encourages development of Digital Humanities encompassing Arts and Social Sciences.

PhD program is of two types – (1) Full time residential program where students stay in the campus through out the program period except for field work if any, and (2) Part time program where students stay in campus in the first semester after joining PhD and one more semester later.


  • To construct, evaluate and critique Fundamental Theories in Humanities
  • To advance Study of Indian Analytic Traditions
  • To explore Values, Dispositions and Creativity
  • To develop Cultural Informatics and Civilisational Studies
  • To build up confluence of Humanities and Computer Science

Advantages (for the student)

  • Students would get an opportunity to understand and work on fundamental issues in Humanities and to build theories of far reaching consequence.
  • Students would get exposed to cutting edge developments in digital Humanities on the one hand and technological development inspired by Humanities on the other.


3 to 5 years


MA/MSc/Acharya/B.Tech. or equivalent

Admission Process


Curriculum (Semester-wise)

Six to ten courses are offered every semester in Humanities to choose from. Some of the recent courses are

  • Discretist Theory of Society, History and Justice
  • Foundations of Ontological Engineering
  • Computational and Rational Appraisal of Indian Analytic Traditions
  • Research Methodology in Humanities
  • Critical Economic Theory
  • Social Choice Theory
  • Topics in Ontology
  • Gandhi and India
  • Quest for Humane Society
  • Images of Science
  • Introduction to Indic Philosophies A Discretist Appraisal
  • Re-Creation Sports, Movies and Stories
  • Greek Thought and the Notion of Form
  • Introduction to Humanities
  • Creative Writing


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