PhD in Electronics and Communication Engineering

About The Program

The PhD programme in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is a research-based programme. The research can be in any of the broad areas in ECE. The core strength of the institute is currently in the following core areas: signal/speech /image processing, VLSI and embedded systems, robotics, and communications. The mian emphasis of this programme is on a thesis. Work towards the thesis requires a good understanding the state of art in an area, problem formulation, original contributions based on analysis with sufficient mathematical rigour and validation. The research is expected to be of sufficient quality to be publishable in leading international journals and top conferences pertaining to an area of research.

This programme has a limited amount of course work that can be completed in one year. The course work is aimed at providing a student with sufficient breadth and to carry out research. The main emphasis is on the research work leading to a thesis. Typically students decide on their research area and faculty advisor within the first year while doing course work. Thereafter, the steps involved are: finishing course work (to build research background and breadth), clearing a set of qualifiers, proposal defense, and thesis defense. The PhD qualifiers are a combination of coursework and comprehensive exams.

Course Duration

Flexible (6 semesters minimum; 12 semesters maximum). Typical duration varies between 4-6 years.


B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M Tech all branches, M.Sc, MCA, MA (Maths). 

Breadth Courses:


Any Three courses from the following:


EC5.407 - Wireless Communication 

CS7.403 - SMAI 

EC2.408 - Digital VLSI Design 

EC2.401 - Analog IC Design 

EC2.409 - Principles of Semiconductor Devices 

EC4.401 - Robotics: Dynamics and Control 

EC5.410 - Information Theory 

ECE439 - Error-Correcting Codes 

CS7.505 - Computer Vision 

EC5.402 - Time Frequency Analysis 

EC5.406 - Signal Detection and Estimation Theory


In addition to three breadth courses from the above list, additional foundation courses can be recommended by the advisor.

Depth Courses:  

Three courses should be from level 400 and above. One project/Independent Study is allowed in place of a depth course. These courses should be advised/approved by the thesis advisor.

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Admission Procedure



Research Centers

The list of prominent research centers associated with ECE include:

1.      Center for VLSI and Embedded Systems (

2.      Signal Processing and Communications Research Center (

3.      Robotics Research Center (

4.      Center for Visual Information Technology (

5.      Computer Systems Group (

For the overall list of Research Centers in IIIT Please Visit:

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