PhD in Computer Science and Engineering

About the Program

The Ph.D programme in Computer Science and Engineering imparts the knowledge, skills and attitude to do world class research in the area of computer science. Doctorate students are expected to publish their work in leading international journals and conferences pertaining to their area of research. Research programmes leading to M.S/Ph.D. degrees are the main thrust in the institute. These programmes attract students from all corners of the country, in addition to some international students.

The research programmes have a limited amount of course work, essentially to prepare the student to carry out research, and to develop adequate breadth in the subject area. The main emphasis is on the research work leading to a thesis. This involves delving in depth into a research topic and includes grasping, evaluating and refining ideas, mathematical rigor, problem formulation, literature survey, implementation (programming) and performance evaluation. Typically students decide on their research area and faculty advisor within the first year while doing course work. Thereafter, the steps involved are finishing course work (to build research background and breadth), thesis proposal defense, and thesis defense. Upon clearing the requirements and the acceptance of their thesis proposal, the student works on the thesis, and its successful defense leads to the degree.

Course duration

Flexible (6 semesters minimum; 12 semesters maximum). Typical duration varies between 4-6 years.


B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M Tech all branches, M.Sc, MCA, MA (Maths).  


Breadth courses

A student has to take and clear any 3 courses (1 in each bucket), from the following 3 buckets by getting an average grade of B or higher. Breath courses are courses that help student to gain a broad understanding of computer science and are distinct from student’s specific research work.

Bucket 1: Theory courses

Course Code              Name

CS1.405                      Modern Complexity Theory

CS1.402                      Principles of Programming Languages

CS8.401                      Principles of Information Security

CS1.404                      Optimization Methods

CS1.406                      Advanced Algorithms

Bucket 2: Systems courses

Course Code              Name

CS3.401          Distributed Systems

CS4.401          Data Systems

CS1.403          Compilers

CS3.402          Advanced Computer Networks

CS6.501          Software Engineering

Bucket 3: Artificial Intelligence

Course Code              Name

CS7.403          Statistical Methods in AI

CS4.406          Information Retrieval & Extraction

CS7.501          Advanced NLP

CS4.405          Data Analytics I

CS7.505          Computer Vision

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