PhD in Computational Linguistics

About the Program

PhD (CL) is a three to five year program which admits students from varying backgrounds, computer-science and non-computer science which includes science, humanities and social science.

There are two streams of students:

Stream 1
This stream consists of two sub-streams of students:
Stream 1A: Students coming from Computer science / technology bacground
Stream 1B: Students coming from Science/Maths/ECE background or equivalent

Stream 2
Students coming from Linguistics, humanities and social science background belong to this stream. If you wish you to apply through Stream 2, you have to apply via a Standing Committee portal which will be open in throughout the year.


The goal of the programme is to give a general high level breadth in the area of Computational Linguistics and its related disciplines, and to carry out original in-depth research work on a problem in Computational Linguistics.

Advantages (for the student)

Students can pursue their academic career as a faculty or researcher in India or abroad. They can also contribute in research and development activities in industry.


Three to six years

Stream 1 (Students coming from Computer Science/Science/Maths/ECE background or equivalent)

Eligibility: B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech in CSE or ECE branches, M.Sc, MCA

Admission Process: Visit

Stream 2 (Students coming from Linguistics, humanities and social science bacground)

Eligibility: MA/Mphil in linguistics, langauges and other related areas. Sanskrit students or individuals with an aptitude in language analysis are encouraged to apply.
Admission Process:  Standing committee portal will be open in in throughout the year. 

Breadth Courses for Stream 1

a.       Students from Computer Science background (any three)


1.      CL3.401 - Computational Morphology and Syntax

2.      CL3.402 - Computational Semantics and Discourse Processing

3.      CS1.304 - Data Structures and Algorithms for Problem Solving

4.      CS7.501 - Advanced Natural Language Processing


b.      Students from Science/Maths/ ECE background (all three)


1.         CL3.401 - Computational Morphology and Syntax

2.         CS0.301 - Computer Problem Solving

3.         CS7.401Introduction to Natural Language Processing

Breadth Courses for Stream 2

Students from Linguistics/Humanities/Social Science background (all three)


1.      CL4.401 - Mathematics (for CL)

2.      CL4.406 - Computer and Scripting I(H) and CL4.407 - Computer and Scripting II(H)

3.   CS7.401Introduction to Natural Language Processing

Depth Courses for both the streams

Three courses should be from level 400 and above. One project/Independent Study is allowed in place of a depth course. These courses should be advised/approved by the thesis advisor.


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