PhD in Civil Engineering

About The Program:

The PhD program in Civil Engineering is a research driven program for candidates with a background in Civil Engineering. The program imparts knowledge and skills required for performing high quality research in Structural Engineering/Earthquake Engineering/Water Resources Engineering related research areas. The program has limited amount of course work, essentially to prepare the student to carry out research, and to develop adequate breadth in the subject area. Typically course work (to build research background and breadth) requires one year (or as per academic regulations), followed by comprehensive examination and thesis proposal defense. Upon clearing the requirements and the acceptance of thesis proposal, student continues work on the thesis, and its successful defense leads to the PhD degree. PhD students are expected to publish their research work in leading national and international journals and conference s pertaining to their area of research.


The main objective is to carry out meaningful research work and contribute to the scientific community. This involves delving in depth into a research topic to develop skills and knowledge to evaluate, identify, refine, formulate, implement, validate research ideas.


Typical duration is 4-6 years.


BE/B.Tech or ME/M.Tech in Civil Engineering.


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