PhD in Bioinformatics

About the Program

Students admitted to the program have to complete a course work followed by breadth and depth examinations apart from the thesis work.


To provide opportunity to work on a challenging research problem in the area of Bioinformatics and computational biology.

Advantages (for the student)

The students will acquire sound concepts and learn to independently carry out research.


3 - 6 years


M.Sc in fundamental sciences, M.E/M Tech/B.E/B.Tech in CS/IT/Biotech/BioInformatics/BioMed, MCA.

Curriculum (Semester-wise)

Breadth Course requirements:

At least three courses from the following should be chosen.

MA6.301- MCS 1-Probability and Statistics + MA6.302 - MCS 2-Linear Algebra

SC3.401 - Advanced Biology (SC3.101 - Introduction to Biology for non-Bio major)

SC3.202 - Bioinformatics + SC3.203 - Systems Biology

CS0.302 - Computing Tools (CS6.302 - Software Systems Development for CSE background)

SC3.320 - Advanced Biomolecular Architecture

SC1.315 - Nonlinear Dynamics

SC1.320 - Introduction to Stochastic processes

  • Satisfactory performance is defined as getting a grade of B or higher in each of these courses.

Depth requirements:

For the depth requirement, three courses from the following two areas should be chosen with one from Stream I and two from Stream II.

A.  Stream I: Computer Science: One course from the set covering the basics on “Programming + Basics of Databases + ITWS”:

  •  CS0.301 - Computer Problem Solving (for non-CSE background)

  • CS6.302 - Software Systems Development (for non-CSE background)

  • CS1.304 - Data Structures & Algorithms for Problem Solving

  • CS4.401 - Data Systems

  • CS4.405 - Data Analytics I

  • CS7.403 - Statistical Methods in AI

B.  Stream II: Bioinformatics:  Two courses from the following should be chosen:

  •  SC3.303 - Advanced Bioinformatics
  • SC3.321 - Biomolecular Structure Interactions and Dynamics
  • SCI633 - Modeling and Simulation
  • SC4.412 - Data Driven Drug Designing
  • SC4.411 - Machine Learning for Natural Sciences
  • SC3.401 - Advanced Biology (for non-Biology major)
  •                 Topics in Systems Biology
  •                 Next Generation Sequence Data Analysis
  •                 Topics in Computational Biology
  •                 Functional Genomics

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