IIIT Hyderabad has announced suspension of the course work with immediate effect on 14th-March-2020 and has made it mandatory for all undergraduate students (first year to fourth year batches) and postgraduate students (MTech first and second year batches) doing only course work to return home by 18th-March-2020; research students (MS, PhD and Dual Degree students registered for thesis credits) can choose to stay and continue their research work. Institute will announce plans for finishing the Spring semester's coursework by 20th-March-2020.

PhD in IT in Building Science

About the Program

A research driven program mainly meant for candidates with a background in the domain of building/building systems design and construction. It provides a focus for those interested in the development and application of advanced technology for buildings.

Please see the current/past research activities on the Research Centre’s web page, to get an idea of the gamut of research undertaken/promoted at the centre.


The students get an opportunity to work on research problems related to design of high performance buildings.


The programme is interdisciplinary in nature. Student from different backgrounds would get an overall knowledge of the building science domain with specialization in one particular area. This integrated approach would help students in comfortably continuing further research or working in the field of high performance buildings in area of their specialization.


Three to Five years


B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech all branches,B.Arch/M.Arch, MCA.

Admission process

The students from engineering background can select the subject paper related to their domain along with the aptitude paper. However, Architects will be giving only the Aptitude paper through PGEE, see http//www.iiit.ac.in/admissions/ for details.

Program Requirements/Regulations

A student of the PhD program in IT in Building Science is expected to follow the following 4 stages (I to IV) and satisfy them.

I. Depth Courses


·         Intelligent Buildings and controls

·         Linear control systems

·         Illumination engineering

·         Building energy simulation

·         Green Buildings

 II. Foundation Courses

        a. Students from CS/IT/EC background

·         Advanced problem solving

·         Scripting and computer environment

·         Advance computer networks

·         Embedded system

·         Heating and cooling of buildings

         b. Students from other background

·         Computer problem solving

·         Scripting and computer environment

·         Computers and scripting II

·         Basic electronics

·         Embedded hardware design

·         Numerical Analysis

·         Mathematics and Statistics

·         Heating and cooling of buildings

·         Computing Tools

III. Dissertation proposal defense

The student is expected to defend the dissertation proposal in front of an appropriate committee appointed by the Dean (Research). A student is declared a PhD candidate after this requirement is satisfied.

IV. Dissertation Final defense

On submission of the full thesis and clearing the final defense, the student will be awarded the PhD.

Yearly Review The progress of the student will be reviewed once every year, till the thesis proposal is submitted. If in the first 2 years, there has been no satisfactory progress, the candidate will be asked to leave the PhD program.


Visit URL https://www.iiit.ac.in/academics/postgraduate/phd//regulations/

Admission Procedure:

Visit https://www.iiit.ac.in/admissions/pgee


Visit https://www.iiit.ac.in/people/faculty

Research Centers:

Visit http://cbs.iiit.ac.in/





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