PEOs, POs and PSOs

M.Tech Product Design and Management (PDM)

After completing the M. Tech in Product Design and Management successfully, the graduates will be able to:  

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1: Demonstrate problem-solving abilities to handle real-world problems from a customer centric perspective by transforming theoretical knowledge to design practice.

PEO2: Demonstrate the requisite breadth and depth of knowledge in advanced areas of product design and management and to excel in digital product industry.

PEO3: Exhibit inter-personal skills required to function effectively in varied, dynamic, and inter-disciplinary teams.

PEO4: Develop an aptitude for self-learning and life-long learning so as to keep abreast with rapidly evolving technologies.

PEO5: Practice ethics and human values in their profession.


Program Outcomes (POs)

PO1: Product Engineering Knowledge: Demonstrate competency in the process of conceptualizing, defining, designing, and delivering technology products for markets. 

PO2: Design/Development of solutions: Synthesize products or solutions for complex engineering that meet the specified market needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety, and the cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.

PO3: Market Research & Development: Apply existing knowledge base and self-learning skills towards quantitative human, cultural and technological research to identify and develop appropriate product design and market strategies. 

PO4: Modern tool usage: Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern product management, development engineering and IT tools to become effective product managers and/or entrepreneurs.

PO5: Design & Creativity: Demonstrate an understanding of markets, and design solutions that connect and impressthe customers,being aware of contemporary global, societal, ethical, and professional issues in the practice of product design and product engineering.

PO6: Product & Project management: Apply the principles of project management with focus on issues such as the life cycle, scoping, costing, and development of a product. 

PO7: Business fundamentals: Demonstrate a solid foundation in business knowledge, skills and competencies while comprehending relevant topics in the areas of accounting, business communications, finance, human resources, introduction to business management, marketing, and supply chain management. 

PO8: Effective Communication: Comprehend and write product proposals, business plans design documentation, effective reports and be able to make effective presentations.

PO9: Ethics: Practice principles of professional ethics and make informed decisions after a due impact analysis.

PO10: Individual and team-work: Work efficiently as an individual and provide leadership in team-oriented projects of varying sizes, cultural milieu, professional accomplishments, and technological backgrounds. 

PO11: Self-Learning and Life-long Learning: Exhibit the aptitude for independent, continuous, and life-long learning required to meet professional and career goals.  


Program Specific Outcomes  (PSOs)

PSO1: Demonstrate competence in core areas of Product Design and Management, including design thinking, user research, business fundamentals and business finance.

PSO2: Exhibit specialized knowledge in any one or more of the sub-areas of product design and management such as interaction design, wearable systems design, game design, product market fit, technology entrepreneurship, organizational operations. 

PSO3: Demonstrate solutioning skills to conceptualize, analyse, design, build, and scale technology products. 

PSO4: Possess the requisite breadth, depth, and skills needed to excel in technology product-driven environments.


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