M.Tech in Computer Science and Information Security

About the Program

M.Tech in CSIS is aimed at producing the much needed highly skilled manpower in the area of Information Security. The program is being supported by Information Security Education and Awareness (ISEA) project from the Ministry of Communications andInformation Technology (MCIT). It is a 2-year masters programme.An applicant to this programme is required to be a B.Tech inCS/ECE/IT or MCA with BSc. (Maths) or MSc (Maths/CS). The course is mainly research oriented. Students for this program are selected by a nationwide test followed by a rigorous interview. The program also has few International students and part-time students from the industry. Security, Theory and Algorithms (C-STAR) has highly qualified faculty, good computing facilities, and a well equipped centre library apart from the central library of the institute.

The center takes about 10 students every year for M.Tech CSIS programme. All M.Tech CSIS students are paid a stipend for living expenses as per project rules. The candidate must be an Indian citizen and enrolled under full-time M.Tech CSIS programme to be eligible for stipend. Some of the recruiters of previous M.Tech CSIS batch includes Computer Associates, RSA Labs, nVidia, CDAC, Movius Corp. etc.

The two year program contains a mix of courses from Comptuer Science, information security, security management, and advanced elective courses.


The M. Tech. (CSIS) program is part of the Information Security Education and Awareness (ISEA) project under hthe ageis of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), Govt. of India. It shares the following objectives:

  • To create top class man power in the well versed in the area of information security.
  • To create professionals trained in both computer science and information security.

Advantages (for the student)

The student shall be able to :

  • Understand the state-of-the-art skills required to understand information security in its entirety
  • Analyze, design, and implement secure solutions for problems in various domains.


Two (2) years .


B.Tech in CS/ECE/IT or MCA with BSc. (Maths) or MSc (Maths/CS)

Curriculum (Semester-wise)

Semester I

A bridge semester, just like regular M.Tech(cs)

Course Code

Course Name



Advanced Problem Solving



Scripting & Comp. Environments



Discrete Mathematics & Algorithms



Operating Systems


Semester II

A mix of stream and bouquet courses as suiatable for the CSIS program

Course Code

Course Name



Computer Networks



System and Network Security



Bouquet Core Elective



Principles of Information Security



Summer Break


Project initiation. Project not graded but is mandatory


Semester III

A mix of project and course options

Course Code

Course Name



Project I



Information Security: Research and Management



Benquet core elective



Bouquet/ Area/ CS/ It Elective


Semester IV

A mix of project and course options. Ideally a continuation of Project I

Course Code

Course Name



Project II



information Security Audit and Assurance



Bouquet/Area/CS/IT Elective


Total Credits


Academic Regulations (Highlights)
Credit Requirements:
  • Minimum credits required for graduation is 68. Each semester, every student must register for at least 16 credits and at most 20 credits.
  • Every student must register for 28 area credits out of which 12 credits of project can do.
  • Every student must register for 20 bouquet credits of which 3 are elective. Of the three, at least 1 must be from Foundations and 1 must be from Systems.
  • Student can register for 2 credits if required from other courses.
Project Work:
  • Every student must register for 12 credits of projects in 3rd and 4th semesters 4 and 8 credits respectively.
Academic Performance:
A student should complete the requirements with a minimum CGPA of 6.5 to receive the M.Tech. degree.
Residency Requirements:
Full-time students: Minimum of 4 semesters and maximum of 6 semesters.
Part-time students: Minimum of 4 semesters and maximum of 8 semesters.
The student has to pay full-time post-graduate fees for the first 4 semesters of study.
The fees will be pro-rated to the number of credits registered for thereafter according to the institute's policies.

Admissions Procedure





Research Centers

URL: http://cstar.iiit.ac.in


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