M.Tech in Computer Aided Structural Engineering

About the Program

Computer Aided Structural Engineering is an innovative program, focused on the combination of recent advances made in the field of structural engineering and computer science. This combination allows structural engineer the flexibility and freedom for a better understanding of structural behaviour with material and geometric nonlinearity and loading uncertainties. The students join this program with a background in civil engineering. The course provides an excellent grounding in the fundamentals of structural engineering subjects. It also engages in a comprehensive study of computer science subjects such as programming, databases, graphics, visualization etc. The objective of M.Tech CASE program is to include recent advances in the development and use of computer methods for the solution of scientific and engineering problems related to structures.


The objectives of the curriculum, while maintaining the rigour of the program are:

·       to keep students abreast with the latest in Structural Engineering

·       to improve mathematics skills of students;

·       to introduce to students use of latest technology in structural engineering field;

·       to familiarise students with the properties and behaviour of new and emerging materials used in construction; and

·       to benefit domain as well as non-domain students through the program

Advantages (for the student)

Program gives in-depth knowledge of mathematical modeling and computational methods in the areas of non-linear, static and dynamic analysis of structures. It also embraces computer-aided design including visualization and optimization methods.


Two years


The semester wise distribution of courses is given below.


Course Name



Structural Dynamics


Computer Problem Solving




Structural Engineering Design Studio


Sem1 Total Credits



Computing Tools


Elective I


Elective II


Elective III


Elective IV


Sem2 Total Credits





Elective V


Elective VI


Elective VII


Elective VIII (half-course)


Sem3 Total Credits



Project (Full sem)


Sem4 Total Credits



Total Credits


List of Electives 

Structural Engineering (SE)

Others (Civil Engineering)*

Earthquake Resistant Design

Spatial Informatics

Advanced Structural Analysis

Building Automation

Stability of Structures

Green Building

IS Codes on Design and Structural Safety Assessment

Disaster Management

Advanced Structural Design

Multivariate Analysis

Computational Earthquake Engineering

Remote Sensing

Structural Wind Engineering

Design of Hydraulic Structures

Probabilistic Methods in Structural Engineering

Illumination Engineering

Bridge Engineering

Hydro informatics

Earthquake Resistant Design of Masonry Structures


Plastic Theory of Structures


Seminar (half-course)**









    *The list of electives is only indicative.

    ** Seminar constitutes:

    1.        Student presentations on given subject area/research papers
    2.        Group discussions
    3.        Talks by industry experts
    4.        Writing technical papers/term papers

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Academic Regulations (Highlights)

Credit Requirements:

·      Student has to acquire a minimum of 66 credits in 4 semesters to become eligible to receive M. Tech in CASE degree. This can be achieved by acquiring credits as follows:

·      Minimum 24 credits from Structural Engineering area

·      Minimum 12 credits from Computer Science and IoT

·      18 credits from any SE or other electives of their choice (recommended minimum of 4 credits from each bucket)

·      12 credits from project work/internship in 4th semester

·      Student can register a maximum of 20 credits either in 2nd or 3rd semester.

·      Student can register up to a maximum of 2 Independent study courses in 2nd or 3rd semester

Project Work/Internship: 

  • Students are encouraged to do summer project/internship for 12 credits at IIIT Hyderabad or   in construction industry/design consultancy.

Grading Scheme


·        The grading for all courses will follow letter grading scheme with grade points stipulated by the institute.

·        Project/internship completed in fourth semester (for 12 credits) will follow Excellent/Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading scheme without grade points.

Academic Performance: 

·        A student should complete the requirements with a minimum CGPA of 6.00 to receive the M.Tech degree.

Residency Requirements: 

·        Full-time students: Students will have minimum of 4 semesters and maximum of 6 semesters to complete the graduate requirements, failing which they will be terminated from the programme.

·        Part-time students: Students will have minimum of 4 semesters and maximum of 8 semesters to complete the graduate requirements, failing which they will be terminated from the programme.


The student has to pay full-time post-graduate fees for the first 4 semesters of study. The fees will be pro-rated to the number of credits registered for thereafter according to the institute's policies.

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Admission procedure

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