Master of Science in Computational Natural Sciences by Research

About the Program

This is a research driven masters program meant for candidates with an exceptional background in basic sciences. It will provide advanced training in theoretical and computational natural sciences. The duration of the course may extend beyond 2 yrs. Based on the decision of the academic committee, some of the core courses prescribed for the Post B.Sc. Dual degree program may be waived for Master of Science students, depending on their background. They must however fulfill the minimum credit requirements for electives and thesis respectively.


Around 2 years. One year (2 semesters) of course work followed by thesis work.


Master's degree in Physics, Chemistry, Maths or other areas of fundamental science or BTech in CS/IT/Biotech/Bioinformatic

Admission Procedure

Admissions are mainly through Post Graduate Entrance Examiniation conductued some time between Feburary and April every academic year. Visit


Semester 1
Set A (Core)
Advanced Biomolecular Architecture (for Phys students)
Classical Mechanics+Quantum Mechanics I (for chem students)
Introduction to Biology+ Biostatistics+ Bioinformatics
Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics

Set B (Core)
Mathematics for scientists and numerical methods
Computer Programming
IT Workshop (Post Graduate Level)

Semester 2
Set A (Core)
Introduction to Bioinformatics
Quantum Mechanics II

Set B (Core)
Data Structures & Algorithms
Computer Organization

Outside science (Core)
Humanities + creative assignment
Module on technical writing* 1

Set A (Optional) Any one from the list provided at the end

Set B (Optional) Any one of the courses offered by CS and allied faculty

Summer Project

Semester 3
Set A (Core)
Nonlinear Dynamics & Systems Biology
Lab course in Computational Natural Sciences
Biomolecular Structure Interactions and Dynamics

Set B (Core)
Operating Systems

Set A (Optional) One from the list provided at the end
Set B (Optional) One of the courses offered by CS and allied faculty

Seminars and Research project (9 credits)

Semester 4

Scheme I

  • One Set A Elective course + one course offered by a CS or allied faculty
  • Project (18 Credits)

Scheme II Project (24 Credits)
Elective science courses (set A) These will be offered depending on the availability of faculty and interest of students.
Special topics in chemical physics/ Laser Physics
Frontiers in nonlinear dynamics
Science of Quantum Computing
Non-equilibrium thermodynamics; nonlinear dynamics; nonequilibrium statistical thermodynamics (including stochastic processes)
Nano-technology and physics of nano-bio systems
Physics of advanced materials
Advanced Structural bioinformatics
Molecular Spectroscopy
Advanced BioinformaticsResearh projects in computational biology, etc.


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Admission Procedure



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