IIIT Hyderabad has announced suspension of the course work with immediate effect on 14th-March-2020 and has made it mandatory for all undergraduate students (first year to fourth year batches) and postgraduate students (MTech first and second year batches) doing only course work to return home by 18th-March-2020; research students (MS, PhD and Dual Degree students registered for thesis credits) can choose to stay and continue their research work. Institute will announce plans for finishing the Spring semester's coursework by 20th-March-2020.

MS in Computational Linguistics (CL) by Research

About the Program

This is a research oriented program in which students can take advanced courses related to their area of specialization in the first year and devote the second year entirely towards their research thesis. The program might take longer time than the two years tenure for the completion of the thesis.


This is a research driven masters program that aims at initiating students in the field of research in Language Technology. The students get opportunity to work in real life research project.

Advantages (for the student)

This course will help those students who have a research bend of mind to participate in research acitvity in Language Technology in their future life.


Two Years


Candidates are expected to have a BTech/BE degree in CS from a reputed institution.

Admission Process

Through the PG entrance examination conducted by IIIT, Hyderabad.

Curriculum (Semester-wise)

Semester I
HS 5090 Computational Linguistics I
HS 5092 Language Typology & Universals
CS 4725 Natural Language Processing
CS Elective

Semester II
HS 5091 CL II: Semantics, Pragmatics and Discourse
CS 5728 Natural Language Processing Applications
CS Elective
Stream/Breadth Elective

Semester III

MS Thesis

Semester IV
MS Thesis

Elective Courses

CL-related Electives
Advanced Syntax
Natural Language Semantics
Cognitive Science
Grammar Formalism
Indian Grammatical Tradition/Information Dynamics in Language
Natural Language Dialog Systems
Phonetics and Phonology
Linguistic Data: Collection and Analysis
Linguistics Data: Collection and Modeling

CL-related CS Electives
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Data Warehousing and Data Mining
Information Retrieval and Extraction



Admission procedure

Visit https://www.iiit.ac.in/admissions/pgee


Visit https://www.iiit.ac.in/people/faculty

Research center

Visit http://ltrc.iiit.ac.in/


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