Master of Science in Bioinformatics by Research

About the Program:

This is a research driven masters program meant for candidates with an exceptional background in one of the bioinformatics related domains. The duration of the course may extend beyond 2 yrs. Based on the decision of the academic committee, some of the core courses prescribed for the M Tech program may be waived for Master of Science students, depending on their background. They must however fulfill the minimum credit requirements for electives and thesis respectively.


To provide opportunity to work on a challenging research problem in the area of Bioinformatics and computational biology.

Advantages (for the student):

The students will acquire sound concepts and learn to independently carry out research.


Around one year of course work followed by thesis work. Approximate duration 2 yrs.


M.Sc in fundamental sciences, M.E/M Tech/B.E/B.Tech in CS/IT/Biotech/BioInformatics/BioMed, MCA.

Curriculum (Semester-wise):

Master of Science Bioinformatics Curriculum
Semester I
CS 3000 Advanced Problem Solving*/ 4-0-4-6
Computer Programming 3-0-1-4
CS 3001 Scripting and Computer 2-0-2-3
Environments (ITWS1A)
SC 3201 Introduction to Biology/ 3-0-1-4
Advanced Biology 3-0-1-4
MA 4505 Biostatistics 3-1-0-4
SC 4150 Adv. Molecular Architecture 3-0-1-4
(First semester all courses are core courses)
Total : 19/21

Semester II
CS 3400 Database Mgt. Systems*/ITW2 3-0-2-4
BI 4300 Introduction to Bioinformatics 3-1-0-4
BI 5100 Biomolecular Structure Interaction 3-0-1-4
and Dynamics
Applications of Classical & Quantum
Elective (Domain/IT) 3-0-1-4
(CS 3400 - optional)
Total: 16
Summer Project : Thesis

Semester III
BI 5300 Advanced Bioinformatics 3-1-0-4
Master of Science Thesis 12
Total: 18/20

Semester IV
Master of Science Thesis 12
Total: 12


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