Undergraduate Honors

Honors is an optional program for undergraduate students. This is a special program designed to allow bright and motivated students to participate in research during the undergraduate days. At the end of second year, student may decide to opt for Honors based on his/her interest. Honors students work with a research center/Honors adviser for two years and two summers.

Students with CGPA of 8 may join this program at the end of second year. Exceptional and highly motivated students with lower CGPA may also be allowed to join, however, their provisional admission to Honors is confirmed after one semester of project work, (i.e., at the end of 5th semester) based on the recommendation/evaluation of the Honors adviser. Honors program is completely optional.

On successful completion, they are awarded a degree: B.Tech (Honours) in CSE/ECE, as the case may be. Honors stream/specializations are available in the major research areas of the institute. Student may contact academic office/program coordinators for the list of streams.


  1. Student gives the options/preference one month before the end of 4th semester. Student may plan to contact the faculty members and visit the research centers to know more about the activities.
  2. Selection will be done by the respective centers based on the availability of seats and preference of the students.

Academic Requirements:

  1. Student has to do Honors projects in the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th semesters, and obtain a average GPA greater than 8 in these four projects. All these projects are of 4-credits each. There is no separate BTP for the Honors students of 4 year B.Tech.
  2. Student has to do summer projects in the summers after 2nd and 3rd year. Summer projects will be typically done in the research center under the guidance of the Honors adviser. They may also do industrial internships, with the consent of the Honors adviser.
  3. Student takes three courses related to the stream in the entire process (as elective/Bouquet core). These courses will be selected by the stream/Honors adviser.
  4. The overall minimum academic requirements are 8 credits more than the regular BTech.

Optional Activities for the Honors Students:

  1. Attend summer/winter schools in the area.
  2. Attend conferences/workshops in the relevant areas.
  3. Demonstrate projects/work during the R & D Show case
  4. Participate in national/international competitions in the related areas.
  5. Develop software/hardware/embedded systems.
  6. Write, publish and present technical papers.
  7. Contribute to open source / community technical development.

Additional Points:

  1. Throughout the two year (Four semester and two summer), student is to work in close guidance with the Honors Adviser. Student may consult the Honors adviser for selection of courses etc.
  2. For the entire period, student is expected to work in a single area/research center. This is required to specialize in the respective area.
  3. A student can exit the Honors program at the end of 5th semester or 7th semester. If the student exits at the end of 5th semester, student goes through a regular BTP during 6th and 7th semester. If the student exits at the end of 7th semester, the work done during 6th and 7th will be considered for BTP and evaluated in one sitting by a specially formed committee
    • 50% marks from the committee (ii) 50% marks from the adviser.
  4. During the Honors project, student participates in the ongoing research activities, takes up the development of innovative ideas, algorithms, prototypes or systems as appropriate for the specific problem. In the entire process, student learns the good research practices in thinking, conceptualizing ideas, solving problems, developing systems etc.


  1. All the four Honors projects will be continuously monitored and evaluated by the Honors Adviser. Letter grades will be given at end of 5th semester, at the end of 7th semester (a single grade for both 6th and 7th projects, to be aligned with BTP) and at the end of 8th semester.
  2. Evaluation will be primarily done by the Honors Adviser, as in other semester projects.
  3. Honors students may be asked to prepare a report of the project work.

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