Eligible candidates can send CV to facultysearch@iiit.ac.in
Start: 29th May 2021 End: 31st August 2021

Faculty-Applied Research


Engineering in general, and Computer science in particular, are inherently an applied realm. Research can translate into solutions useful for society. While research needs active thought towards creating new knowledge, to translate the same into useful technologies and solutions, needs an application mindset. A mindset that straddles the twilight zone between research and industry. Research minded individuals from industry, or in some cases very industry minded individuals from research

The Position:

Applied Research Faculty is a full-time faculty-equivalent-position requiring a research aptitude and industry experience. A role that is required to bring in applied research insights into the university, bring in a solution and applications view of research, source problems from society and industry that can be addressed only with new research, and bring in a systems thinking into the research world.


Ph.D. from a renowned institute followed by at least 5 years of experience in academia in a university of standing
Though a Ph.D. is desirable, an Engineering or Science Post-graduate with over 15 years of extensive and intensive experience in industry; having strong conceptual clarity and excellent knowledge in the respective field, would be considered as Associate Professor or even Professor depending upon the experience.


Prospective Applied Research Faculty will have passion for teaching and research translation in a research-centered university; holds a very high level of student engagement skills with ample real-world experience; deep interest and appreciation of research with specific interests in translating research into field solutions and products.

Professional Experience:

The incumbent will be from industry in the mid and senior career stage. Has experience dealing with emerging technologies & research, in either R&D divisions or technology offices of tech industry. Full lifecycle experience from product concept through architecture and systems engineering. Possess a good understanding of technology trends and new technology led solutions. Should have explored product-market fit for emerging technologies/research. Where possible, experience working with universities in commissioned research works or in translating research into solutions. During any part of their industry career, some time spent in academic research is highly desirable, either as faculty or maybe doctoral/post-doc work in a reputed university. Startup and Innovation experience, along with Recognition & Visibility in relevant professional networks, is desirable.


Applied Research: Propose, raise funding, and collaborate with research centers to build research intensive solutions for industry and society/government. Will complement research happening in various research-centers. Will work on research validation and real-world experimentation

Projects: The applied research project teams will be staffed by research faculty, that have PhD from reputed institutions and preferably with few years of industry experience. The research faculty will lead projects coming from industry and other external sources

Publish: Create knowledge from the various applied research efforts. Engineering models andprinciples around solutions built from emerging research. Work with Research centers to publish papers based on these experiences. Working as post-doc fellows for the center faculty

Guide students:Guide students: Engage research and masters students in the applied research projects. Derive engineering focused solutions around the deep research areas of the institute. Advise on Research thesis and publications out of such work

Advise for industry perspective: Be an internal consultant to various research groups and faculty on industry perspective for research projects. From understanding possible application areas for a research problem being worked on

Academic teaching: Will undertake teaching of courses relevant to their background, knowledge, and present research interests.

Tenure: As an Applied Research Faculty, your tenure can be anywhere between 1 and 5 years, and renewable thereafter.

Pay & Benefits:

Pay varies depending upon the course(s) offered and time spent on other activities in the Institute as per the norms specified. All direct expenses such as travel, preparation of study material etc.., shall be reimbursed at actuals on furnishing of necessary bills and documents.